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Girls' Akademie

Schülerinnen schnuppern in technische Studiengänge

Schülerinnen lernen die technischen Studiengänge an der RWU kennen im Rahmen der Girls' Akademie der Realschule Klösterle in Ravensburg.
Vivian Missel

As part of the Girls' Academy at the Middle School Klösterle in Ravensburg, a small group of students visited RWU. The girls got a taste of technical courses of study, including electromobility, energy and environmental technology, as well as the engineering design study option in mechanical engineering. They were allowed to conduct their own experiments under supervision and measure electrical resistance on a test bench in the E-Mobility Lab for educational purposes. A campus tour of the Natural Science Center was also on the agenda.

As with the regular Girls' Day - the Girls' Future Day - the Girls' Academy introduces female students to professions and courses of study that are still predominantly practiced by men. The Girls' Academy takes place weekly at the Middle School Klösterle in Ravensburg and is organized by the Bildungswerk der Baden-Württembergischen Wirtschaft.