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Abschlussfeier Fakultät E

Ein feierlicher Abschied

Ehrung der Jahrgangsbesten während des Sommerfests der Fakultät E an der RWU

The first guests arrive, some festively dressed, others casually. Smells of bratwurst and tastes of champagne. A guitar chord sounds from a corner, accompanied by the noise of conversation, the band does its sound check. Outside, storm clouds are gathering, but faces are beaming. There is something to celebrate.

On Friday, June 26, 2022, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science said goodbye to its graduates at the summer party in the Mensa. Students, friends and acquaintances, staff and faculty gathered in the Mensa from 16:00 to celebrate together with bratwurst and drinks. On this occasion, the best students from the individual study programs were also honored. The certificates were handed over by the respective deans of studies.

"Be proud of yourself!"

"Everything great in the world only happens because someone does more than he has to," Professor Dr. Heidi Reichle introduced the presentation of certificates with a quote from Albert Einstein. "As the top of your year, you too have done more than you had to - with great zeal, drive, commitment and determination. Celebrate this success."

Professor Ekkehard Löhmann, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, then addressed his congratulations to the graduates. "It doesn't always have to be your own success to feel happiness. It can also be joy over someone else's success. And that's what I feel when I see your faces," the dean said. He also addressed solemn words to the top graduates, saying, "You have achieved remarkable things. Be proud of yourselves!" With their excellent degree, the students have put themselves in the best professional starting position; Germany owes its exceptionally good reputation of engineers and computer scientists to successes like these, the dean said. "I sincerely wish you an exciting, a good and fulfilling personal and professional future."

A total of 121 students successfully completed their studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the summer semester of 2022, thirteen of them as top students: Ines Biegger (Internet and Online Marketing), Moritz Hess (Media Design), Selina Pali (Media Design), Julia Drabsch (Business Information Systems), Cindy Wehrwein (Business Information Systems PLUS), Mark Locherer (Master Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems) as well as Erik Escher (Computer Science), Luca Rettenberger (Computer Science), Michael Wiedemann (Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik), Johannes Schwegler (Master Digital Business), Milena Eisemann (Media Design), Sahil Arora (Master Mechatronics) and Jürgen Kämmerle (Master Wirtschaftsinformatik). Seven of them were able to attend the ceremony and were presented with their certificates by their deans of studies.

Following the presentation of the certificates, Ekkehard Löhmann ushered in the summer party with snacks and drinks. The student council took care of the physical well-being, the "Small Town Mates" with Professor Dr. Thorsten Weiss on bass provided the background music.

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Vivian Missel