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Berufsbegleitender Master „Artificial Intelligence“

AI-University Master

Artificial intelligence (AI) will change the world, and anyone who wants to help shape this change must understand its economic and social implications. This kind of expertise is increasingly in demand in the business world. That is why Aalen University, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, and Ravensburg-Weingarten University (RWU) are offering the "Artificial Intelligence" part-time master's program starting this upcoming winter semester.

Course content: Translating artificial intelligence into the business world

This interdisciplinary degree qualifies students for both technical and managerial roles in the application and implementation of AI methods within companies. Students learn to select, implement, and manage AI concepts. The program is designed for those who have a technical background as well as an undergraduate degree in business, engineering, the natural sciences, or a related field.

Thinking in interdisciplinary contexts

"We want to equip people with the knowledge that it takes to successfully implement AI in the business world," said Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ertel, professor of machine learning at RWU. To do this, it is not always necessary to have an all-encompassing understanding of artificial intelligence. Dr. Ertel continued explaining the program concept: "We need specialists not only in artificial intelligence on one side and business and management on the other, but also in the interface between these two sides."

The master's in AI is intended to be a part-time, online program which takes place over four semesters, and includes one weekend of in-person attendance per semester. The program starts in the upcoming winter semester. The application deadline is July 15th. For more information, visit www.ai-university.de.

Michael Pfeiffer