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Guests & Visiting Staff

Guests & Delegations

Every year a large number of guests come to RWU for guest lectureships or visits. The departments and the International Office are pleased to welcome our guests!

You come from abroad, have discussed everything practical with your contact person in the department, but still have questions about travel, accommodation, etc.?

You are a lecturer at the university and would like to invite a colleague from abroad and have organisational questions?

Then contact the International Office.

The International Office will be pleased to assist you and also has a small welcome for guests with useful information. Please inform us in good time about your visit and the planned period of your stay.

ERASMUS Invited Staff from Enterprises

RWU professors can invite staff members of companies or organizations located in an ERASMUS member country to a short-time teaching period at our University and apply for funding under the Erasmus Teaching Mobility program.


Applications can be submitted at any time, however, if possible, they should be received by January 15th for stays planned for that same calendar year. Applications submitted at a later date have a lesser chance of receiving funding.

RWU professors

  • agree on period and content of the Mobility in the Mobility Agreement, see "Invited Staff Mobility Agreement" form in the download area
  • send an informal Invitation letter to the lecturer
  • complete the Application for an ERASMUS+ grant together with the invited lecturer, see "Invited Staff Application" form in the download area
  • send Mobility Agreement, invitation letter and application to the Advisor for Staff Mobility.


If the application is eligible for funding, the Advisor for Staff Mobility sends the Grant Agreement by post to the invited lecturer. He/she has to countersign it and return the original by post.

Funding is possible for a maximum of four workdays, if required plus one or two days of travel. In addition, travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of the actual distance between start and end location of the mobility. The distance is determined uniformly throughout Europe using a Distance Calculator.

Please find the daily rate for Germany and the distance-dependent travel contributions in the download file “Staff Mobility Förderraten”.

Payment and Further Formalities

  • RWU professor fills in “Invited Staff Letter of Confirmation" form, see Download area, and sends it to the advisor.
  • Invited lecturer fills in the EU-Survey within 30 days.
  • Advisor transfers the ERASMUS+ contribution to the lecturer.


Isabel Heigle, Advisor for Staff Mobility , phone +49 751 501-9627, room A 216


download Invited Staff Application
Invited Staff Application
Invited Staff Application
pdf (167 kB)
download Invited Staff Letter of Confirmation
Invited Staff Letter of Confirmation
Invited Staff Letter of Confirmation
pdf (404 kB)
download Invited Staff Mobility Agreement
Invited Staff Mobility Agreement
Invited Staff Mobility Agreement
pdf (1,021 kB)
download Staff Mobility Förderraten
Förderraten Dozenten- und Personalmobilität
Förderraten Dozenten- und Personalmobilität
pdf (148 kB)