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Promovieren an der RWU: Mit Nishanth Nandakumar startet der erste Doktorand seine Promotion an der RWU.

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First doctoral student at RWU

The doctoral association of the Universites of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg has recently made it possible to obtain a doctorate at RWU. Nishanth Nandakumar is the first doctoral student to start his doctorate at RWU.

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60 Jahre RWU & Launch Anniversary-Tour (19)

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RWU turns 60! The celebration of this anniversary in the Mensapark was also the start of the RWU-Mobile: RWU will be on the road until mid-July.

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RWU Abschlussfeier Fakultät S Sommersemester 2024 (6)

Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing

78 students celebrate their graduation

The Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing has honored and given farewell to its graduates. 78 students received their degree certificates.

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Doctorate at RWU

Recently, it's also possible to gain a doctorate at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences. In June, there are two events at RWU on how to exactly get a doctorate and what the current research projects are focussing on.

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TAKEoff@RWU – Your preparatory semester

Are you interested in studying in an english-speaking Bachelor's degree in a STEM field? But you don't feel well enough prepared for it yet or even have a semester to bridge before you start your studies? Then TAKEoff@RWU is just the fit for you!

  • You can study in English for one semester at RWU without having to decide on a specific Bachelor's degree program and without having to pay tuition fees.
  • Your chances of academic success will improve significantly! TAKEoff@RWU teaches you not only academic and subject-specific skills, but also language and cultural skills. This way, you will be perfectly prepared for living, studying and working in Germany.





KONZEPTE - the magazine of the RWU!

The new university magazine is now free and available everywhere on campus and online.

"Dear readers,

what makes us special? This is the question people ask themselves in view of the incomprehensible superiority of neural networks. It's the question companies are asking themselves in the face of global competition. And it's the question we ask ourselves as a university of applied sciences.

After reading this magazine, apart from the quantitative facts - study programs, teaching, laboratories, practice, employability - a qualitative factor is part of my answer to the initial question:

A student collects voices about the war in the Ukraine with her media technology know-how. A professor digs deeper into a previously unexplained physical phenomenon until he can comprehend it mathematically. A staff member reports about her joy in supporting students on their way at the RWU. A mayor advocates mutual understanding in times of heated online debates. A student keeps a team together with her presence and many conversations in Corona times. A staff member invents a scholarship format that enables children and young people to take instrumental lessons.

Just a few examples. And it may sound like circular reasoning: What is special about the RWU is the RWU. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it is above all the people who make us special. It's searching and having ideas, questioning, speaking one's mind and listening, it's dialogue at eye level, respect and tolerance. That makes us special."

Professor Dr. Thomas Spägele, Rector

RWU Campus Tour

What is it like at RWU? In which building can I find what? And where is the canteen? Katherine and Ammar will take you on a walk around the campus and show you what you need to know to find your way around.

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