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University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten offers more than 30 bachelor and master courses in the fields of engineering, IT, business, social work and healthcare.

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Double Degree RWU and BCIT Vancouver

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RWU signs double degree agreement with BCIT in Vancouver

One study program, two degrees: The International Business Management & Sustainability degree program at RWU and Global Leadership in Vancouver enable their students to exchange.

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CHG Stipendium

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With scholarship from Mexico to Weingarten

Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, together with CHG-MERIDIAN AG, has launched a scholarship aimed at graduates of German schools in Latin America.

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Foto von Götz Walter

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Wednesday Seminar: How does science work? Peer review explained clearly

Based on the peer review principle, RWU Professor Götz Walter explains in the Wednesday seminar on October 19 how science, consensus building and quality assurance work.

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Studienstart WS 22/23

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Winter semester start at RWU

All members of the university are in a positive state of mind as they look forward to the start of the winter semester, which is to be held in presence. RWU welcomes almost 650 new students for the winter semester 22/23.

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RWU Campus-Tour

During your studies, the campus becomes a piece of home. This is where friends meet, where people celebrate, learn and experiment. Unfortunately, this daily university life is currently only possible to a limited extent.

Maybe you have just started studying at RWU and spend more time in the online lecture than on campus. Maybe you miss the university a little? Maybe you just want to get an idea of life on our homely campus.

Ammar and Katherine will take you on a tour and show you labs, the cafeteria, student initiatives and the International Office. After this video you'll know your way around.

Campaign 2019 – Realizing Potential. Shapint the future.

RWU and the lion

Ravensburg Weingarten University of Applied Sciences presents itself in a new guise. Not only the new website is online, the entire look of the university has been revised.

On the way there two characteristics of the RWU became apparent: on the one hand the strong regional roots. The majority of students come from the region, and the exchange with local companies and institutions is intensive. On the other hand, the international orientation plays an increasingly important role. Around 15 percent of the students come from abroad, and partner universities can be found on all continents.

The new logo was created from this simultaneity of regionality and internationality: the lion is the heraldic animal of the city of Weingarten, the district of Ravensburg and the state of Baden-Württemberg and stands for regional roots. The decision for the English name with the abbreviation RWU completes the international orientation.

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