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Housing for internationals


For international full-time students, there is a limited number of rooms in the halls of residence, most of which are managed in cooperation with the International Office. Together with your admission, you will receive an information sheet on the application procedure at Seezeit as well as the corresponding application form. Please use this form to apply directly to the organisation operating the halls of residence in Weingarten and Ravensburg.

If contingency rooms at the White Rose are available, you will receive the information from the International Office.

You can also apply directly to the dormitory authorities via their website. However, the chances are not too great. Since the housing market in Weingarten and Ravensburg is not big and especially at the beginning of the semester many students are looking for new accommodation, you should start looking as early as possible and take advantage of all options.

Dormitories in Weingarten:

  • Briachstraße 10, provider: Studentenwerk Weiße Rose
  • Briachstraße 2, provider: Studentwerk Weiße Rose
  • Eugen-Bolz-Wohnheim, provider: Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart closed at the moment!
  • Lazarettstraße, provider: Studentenwerk Seezeit

Since the bus connection between Ravensburg and Weingarten is good, the dormitories in Ravensburg are also a very good option.

Dormitories in Ravensburg:

Private housing market

Alternatively, you can search the private housing market for a room - even in shared flats. You can search for suitable apartments in the daily and weekly newspapers in the area (Schwäbische Zeitung, Wochenblatt, Südfinder) or, among other things, via the following websites:

Short-term accommodation

If you have not found an apartment at the beginning of the semester, you can book a room at Ravensburg Youth Hostel at short notice.

AirBnB is also an option.