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Before your departure

Before you leave Weingarten, you have to deregister at all the places where you registered at the beginning of your stay. Please follow these steps exactly, otherwise there will be a lot of unnecessary confusion at the institutions involved and also at the International Office.

Please read this information carefully and take care of the individual steps in time.

Moving out of the dormitory

Please notify the person in charge of your residence hall of your move-out date as early as possible and make an acceptance appointment for your room:



Please remember to exmatriculate at the university. You can get the application form at the Student Services (room H 022) or at the International Office (room P 001). You will need to collect several signatures and then submit the form to Student Services. Keep in mind that it may take a few days until you have all signatures together. You will then be issued a certificate of exmatriculation, which you will need, among other things, to terminate your contract with the health insurance company.

The date of exmatriculation can be between taking the last exam and the end of the semester and can be chosen by the student. However, please note:

Please note that you will no longer be able to view your grade report in the LSF once you have exmatriculated. However, you must exmatriculate before you leave Germany.


De-registration at the Residents' Registration Office and the Foreigners Registration Office

Before you leave Germany or Weingarten or Ravensburg, you must deregister with the Residents' Registration Office and the Aliens' Registration Office. You can do this shortly before your departure or even a while before - but you have to do it. For this you need the housing provider confirmation of your move out. You will receive the border crossing certificate, which may be required, from the relevant foreigners' registration office, where you also have to deregister.


Terminating the contract with the health insurance company

Before you leave, you must terminate your contract with the health insurance company. In order to ensure that you are covered by health insurance for your entire stay in Germany, contracts are usually only terminated if you present your certificate of exmatriculation to the health insurance company. The contract with TK ends on the date of exmatriculation; other health insurance companies may have different regulations.

The university notifies TK of the students who will be leaving at the end of each semester. Your health insurance will then automatically end on February 28 or August 31. If you wish to terminate your health insurance on an earlier date, you must submit your de-registration certificate to TK by February 1 or July 1 at the latest, indicating the desired earlier date. In this case, you must therefore plan your departure as early as January or June and apply for exmatriculation very early.

However, regardless of the date you wish to terminate your health insurance, you must submit your exmatriculation certificate to TK in any case, even if TK has already been informed by the university.

Since you will close your German bank account before you leave, but the contributions are normally not debited until the 15th of the following month, the contribution for February will be debited together with the contribution for January on February 15, or the contribution for August together with the contribution for July on August 15. If you want to leave already at the end of July and you have registered with TK in time, the contributions for June, July and August will be debited on July 15. In any case, please make sure you have enough money in your account on the debit date.


Closing the bank account

The last thing you need to do is close your bank account. Please inform the bank if you still expect to receive money in your account or if any payments are due after you will have left Weingarten.