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CLIC is the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, RWU's language center.

  • High-quality language courses, new media and regional/intercultural knowledge and strategies
  • Seminars on intercultural communication
  • Assessment of language proficiency, language certificates and everything to do with languages
  • Communicative, participant-oriented and practical didactic concepts
  • Native speakers as lecturers from different countries and cultures


  • Testimonial Sprachkurs
    At a time when the world is increasingly interconnected, language skills are not only an advantage, but often a prerequisite for many professional opportunities. The CLIC language courses offer an excellent opportunity for an initial intercultural exchange. The small course sizes and the associated relaxed atmosphere make learning a lot of fun.
  • Testimonial CLIC 2
    The intercultural event was filled with engaging activities, meaningful communication and delightful games that brought people together from diverse backgrounds.
Courses on offer and timetable


CLIC - Unser Angebot



With more than 200 million native speakers, Portuguese is one of the 6 most spoken languages in the world today. The mundo lusófono includes not only countries such as Portugal and Brazil, but also Angola and Mozambique, for instance. The language is becoming increasingly important in the business world and in tourism. There are slight differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese (intonation, grammar, etc.). Brazilians are a little more creative when it comes to making new words, but this does not interfere with communication - they get along quite well.




Learn Brazilian-Portuguese with

Alice Neudert-Ramos |





CLIC - Deutsch als Fremdsprache


The German-speaking area includes the DACH countries (D/Germany-A/Austria-CH/Switzerland) as well as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, South Tyrol and parts of Belgium. German is known for its long and complicated words, the so-called compound words. The results are 'monster words', such as the well-known Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän. German as a foreign language is an important component of the international degree programs at RWU.



4382 German as a foreign language A1+

4634 German as a foreign language A2+

4630 German as a foreign language B1

4631 German as a foreign language B2

10850 ONLINE German as a foreign language C1

10068 DaF application training for international students



Albert Bahmann |

Ben Burg |

Dr. Silke Gärtner |

Jaqueline Garcia Ferreira Fuchs |

Anna Geisler |

Marius Hägele |

He comes from Ravensburg and took part in the university's "Brother and Sister Program" with his family as a child. A few years later, he is now building on this with didactic and methodological knowledge.

Dr. Eckhard Hauswald |

Kerstin Jacob-Rauch |

Ramona Jurcsik |

Alice Neudert-Ramos |

Angela Nonnenbroich |

She comes from Swabia and enjoys making music in her free time.

Udo Ritter |

Dr. Ingrid Spitzner |

Sabrina Straner |






.... is the world language and lingua franca epitome - and by that time a must-have in professional life. At CLIC, we distinguish between Professional English as a compulsory subject and English as an elective. Professional English focuses on the development and consolidation of language skills that are essential in the modern global world of employment, such as negotiating and presenting. Our English electives open up an interesting and exciting selection of seminars and courses. You will refresh and deepen your English skills, at the same time learn new content and topics... and be awarded credits for doing so.


Professional English English as an elective subject

3318 BM2 Professional English 1 10342 * ESP: Vital Skills for the Future Manager/Leader
6848 TW1 Professional English 1 8170 * ESP: Get on the Right Track
7367 BM3 Professional English 2 10210 Improve Your Speaking Skills C1
7137 TW2 Professional English 2 10194 * ESP: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success
7753 AI4 Professional English 898 English Negotiating
7487 EI4 Professional English 5149 Working in International Scientific Project Teams
7456 EM4 Professional English 7398 ONLINE * ESP: English for Marketing
7486 IO4 Professional English 10214 English B1
10350 IPE1 Professional English 10215 English B2
7488 WB4 Professional English 10795 IPE3 English and Economy (compulsory IPE3)
    10598 TW4 Interc. Team & Project Management (compulsory TW4)
      * English for Specific Purposes


Learn English with

Sarah Baldy-Kühnapfel |

Petra Boerger |

Bryan Conner |

He is originally from the United States of America and loves teaching students how to be professional in English. He also enjoys sharing information about various aspects of culture in America as well as in other English speaking countries. In his free time, he enjoys photography, reading, and traveling.

Monja de Silva |

David Hopkins

Originally from South Wales, enjoys helping students improve their English while learning new skills - and having some fun at the same time! Spare time activities include sailing, skiing, hiking and "meeting the needs" of two teenagers!

Duncan Ironside |

Elke Keppler |

She lived in the USA for a long time and loves to communicate. Not only with Americans, but also with RWU employees who want to improve their English.

Stefanie Le Roy-Saitner |

Karsten Matter |

Born in Upper Franconia, attended school in London, Dublin and St. Paul (Minnesota, USA), loves to familiarize students with the English/American way of life and characteristics, free time is filled with automotive engineering, photography, making music and the animal family members.

Frank Rudolph

He lives at Lake Constance peninsula of Höri and enjoys teaching students negotiation techniques based on his experience in mainly US-American international companies.

Maurice Sheehy |

Rachel Schütze |

Lisa Walz |





CLIC - Französisch


The language of philosophers, fashion, haute cuisine, architecture and the arts. It is the mother tongue of 300 million people around the world. France is Germany's second most important trading partner in Europe and number four worldwide after China, the Netherlands and the USA. A command of the French language paves the way to writers such as de Saint-Exupéry and his 'Petit Prince' and, of course, to top-class global companies - should be incentive enough to learn the language. Then there's Asterix and Obelix or Monsieur Claude and his daughters.... And Paris is worth a visit any time.


Courses offered

10205 French A1.1 for beginners
10778 French A2 Conversation


Learn French with

Joëlle Ristau

She comes from the French-speaking Antilles, loves teaching and enjoys introducing others to the French language and culture. She loves to dance, especially Caribbean dances.




There is no language that is more suitable for expressing human feelings than Italian - Julia Robert's words in the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love. So true! This is Italian, a language that sounds like singing, the language of the great poets, thinkers and artists such as Dante, Galileo, da Vinci. Italy and its language are more than just pizza, pasta and gelato. An Italian course opens the doors to a rich cultural heritage where art, cuisine and a passionate way of life merge, offering an inviting journey into the warmth and elegance of the Italian language.



156 Italian A1.1 for beginners
8140 Italian - Cherasco Storia 2024

Natalia De Pascale Speck |

Dr. Stefania Esposito-Depprich |

She comes from Rome and is passionate about teaching students her mother tongue and Italian culture. She loves to cook ... preferably Italian, of course!

CLIC - Japanisch



Japan is a surprising and impressive country full of contrasts: on the one hand ultra-modern cities and technologies, on the other hand traditions, rituals, politeness and respect. And then there's manga, anime, sake and sushi... The Japanese language and fascinating culture are definitely an enrichment. Three writing systems are waiting to be discovered. There is something mysterious about Japan (or 日本). And one of the most beautiful mysteries is probably the Japanese language itself. Come and see!



3322 Japanese A1.1 for beginners
6313 Japanese A1.2
4369 Japanese A1.3



Michiyo Akiya

She comes from Chiba (Japan), has also lived in France and Ireland and dreams of traveling to China and South America.


Korean - our newcomer this semester. Why learn Korean? On the one hand, the language is becoming increasingly important in the global economy, as large companies and technology businesses have their headquarters in the Republic of Korea. Secondly, of course, the food (kimchi 😊) and - needless to say - the culture with traditional music and dance all the way to K-pop and K-drama. And we also have a partner university there. We're excited to see how it goes...


Courses on offer

10847 Korean A1.1 for beginners


Learn Korean with

Jinhee Kim |

She comes from South Korea, loves listening to K-pop and is looking forward to meeting and teaching students interested in Korean language and culture.


CLIC - Russisch

Did you know that Russian

  • is the international language of space? In case of an emergency, instructions to astronauts/cosmonauts are given in Russian.
  • uses 10 vowels and 21 consonants, which gives the language a unique intonation?
  • has more expressions for shades of blue than most other languages? An interesting fact, considering that some languages don't even distinguish between blue and green.
  • comes 8 among the top 10 world languages? In Eurasia it is even the most widely-spoken language.

Reasons enough to take a closer look at the language.


Courses on offer


Learn Russian with

Danuta Manal |



A world language, indeed. It is spoken by around 500 million people worldwide, with the trend rising. It is the official language in 21 countries and the second fastest-spoken language with an average of 7.82 syllables per second. Only the Japanese are faster on the oral road. Latin America is also becoming increasingly important as an economic partner, especially as the region has developed much faster economically than the global average since 2004. These facts alone strongy suggest to study the language. And on top of this, there is the cultural diversity, the melodic sound structure and - of course - the passion that is simply inherent in Spanish.



10002 Spanish A1.1 for beginners
10003 Spanish A1.2
2039 Spanish A2.1
7752 Spanish B1.2



Ingrid Buhrmann |

Liliana Koesler |



CLIC - Türkisch

Turkey - a country on two continents: on the European side the smaller part with the metropolis of Istanbul, the larger part on the other side, belonging to Asia. The country acts as a bridge between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. This geopolitical situation makes the country, and therefore its language, an important player in the international business and economic world. Well, actually, reasons such as the fascinating, multi-faceted culture and beautiful landscapes alone are sufficient to make you want to learn the language.


Courses offered

4612 Turkish A1 for beginners


Learn Turkish with

Şule Duman |


Intercultural Sensitization

How does culture influence the way we communicate? When is a yes rather a no? How are language and identity connected? Different cultures also communicate non-verbally. There is potential for misunderstandings everywhere, ambiguous behavior is a challenge for everyone.
The seminar is organized for German and international students with the aim of promoting awareness of cultural differences. The aim is to contribute to the better integration of foreign students into everyday university life and to the exchange between German and non-German students.

Intercultural Sensitization

Learn Intercultural Sensitization from

Natalia De Pascale Speck |

Courses offered

10598 TW4 Intercultural Team and Project Management
5149 Working in International Scientific Project Teams


Learn Intercultural Communication with

Monja de Silva |

Frank Rudolph |


Are there too many topics for a Bachelor's thesis buzzing around in your head? The structuring of your paper seems to be an insurmountable obstacle? It's been a while since you last did a spelling and punctuation crash course? Problems distinguishing between citations and plagiarism in your Master's thesis? Then it's high time to attend the course 'Fit für wissenschaftliches Schreiben' (course language is German).

Courses offered

7395 ONLINE Fit for academic writing

Learn ACADEMIC writing with

Cornelia König |

Dr. Johannes Vees

He has a soft spot for everything that has to do with orthography.

Sophie Zinke |

CLIC Tandem


Would you like to improve or refresh your language skills 'first-hand' and are looking for the right course?

Then that's the right place for you. RWU offers an online language tandem in cooperation with Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart.

What is a language tandem?

Tandem is an open method of language learning in which two people of different mother tongues and cultures meet regularly to learn the other language from another and with each other and find out more about the other culture.

A language tandem can be used as a supplement to a language course or independently of it to improve language skills individually. Anyone who would like to practise a foreign language in personal contact with a native speaker can take part. The prerequisite is that you can devote a few hours per week to this and that you are reliable.

Interested? And off you go:

CLIC - Übersetzungen

TRANSLATION - for RWU employees

Are you looking for the English equivalent of a German term related to university life?

The RWU Glossary German-English (Excel file) will help you. It is regularly updated and expanded by CLIC. Suggestions, amendments and new entries are highly appreciated. Please get in touch with  Dolores Müller .

Do you need help with translations?

The Landeskoordinationsstelle für Übersetzungsangelegenheiten im Hochschulwesen Baden-Württemberg offers translation assistance. The service is currently still free of charge and is aimed at all state colleges and universities in Baden-Württemberg. Would you like to get in touch?

For all types of German-English and English-German translations and proofreading/editing of English texts, our English teachers Luke Boardman or Sophie Zinke are at your disposal on a fee basis.



Curious to find out more? Just click on the video...




CLIC - Anmeldungsübersicht

CLIC - RWU Campus
Quelle: Elias Engelhardt

RWU students

How do I register for the course?
  • Select a course in the CLIC timetable (subject to change) or directly in LSF.
  • Please mind the time limit for assignment on LSF, later registration is only possible in consultation with CLIC.
  • Register for a course in LSF.
  • Please register in good time before the start of the course, CLIC courses have a minimum number of participants.
PH Weingarten Schlossbau Flur
Quelle: PH Weingarten

PH students

How do I register as a PH student?
  • Select course in the CLIC timetable (provisional, subject to change).

  • E-mail to stating the desired course(s) and your PH matriculation number.
As a PH student, can I take part in the examination and will I receive credit points?
  • Yes, it is possible to take the exam. If you wish to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course, participation in the examination is a prerequisite.
  • Please clarify the awarding of credit points with your PH head of study program.
CLIC - Anmeldung für RWU Mitarbeitende
Quelle: Elias Engelhardt

RWU employees

As an RWU employee, can I take part in all CLIC courses?
  • Yes, participation is free of charge, provided there are places available on the courses.
  • Click here for the CLIC timetable (subject to change).
  • Please register by e-mail to .
Are there language courses specifically for RWU staff?
  • Yes, courses for RWU staff are offered every semester, e.g. Job Talk - English Skills for University Staff or German for International RWU Staff, etc.
  • Ms. Reudanik sends out invitations to these courses and registration options in good time before the beginning of each semester.

Do you have any questions about language learning? Please contact us - we will be happy to help you.

CLIC - Anmeldung für Gasthörer
Quelle: Elias Engelhardt

Guest students

Can I attend the CLIC language courses without being officially enrolled as RWU student?
  • Yes, you can apply as a guest student for one semester, provided there are places available in the course of your choice.
  • You can find your desired course in the CLIC timetable (subject to change).
  • Registration by e-mail with completed guest student application form as an attachment to .
How much is the guest student fee?
  • Depending on the number of teaching units (1 teaching unit = 45 min)
  • Up to 4 teaching units/week: EUR 180.00/semester
  • 5 to 8 teaching units/week: EUR 340.00/semester)

Any questions? We are happy to help .




Language proficiency assessment / language certificates

We offer:


Übersicht der Zertifikate


Assessment of language proficiency for a semester/internship abroad

You are planning to spend a semester abroad at a partner university/internship abroad? .... Don't forget to take the Oxford Placement Test to assess your English language skills.

What is the test procedure?

What do I have to consider?

  • The test result is valid for 2 years. The test can be repeated after 12 months.
  • 2 to 3 test dates are offered per semester. Please register in LSF in good time.
  • Please clarify in advance whether the OPT test result is sufficient as proof of language proficiency or whether an internationally recognized language certificate is required.
  • Participation in the OPT is only possible as part of an application for a semester/internship abroad.
  • Go the extra mile? You can find practice options in our FAQ Language courses.

Questions? We are happy to help .


Does the partner university expect basic knowledge of the local language? If the language is offered at CLIC, no problem....
  • E-mail to stating the language to be tested.
  • Register in LSF for one of the official test dates, course number 4849. Reading, writing and listening are tested online at RWU.
  • Interview with the respective teacher to test speaking skills (organized by CLIC).
  • Test result/Assessment of Language Proficiency will be handed over.

Any questions? Please contact us .


CLIC - Kostenlose Sprachtests

Do you have previous knowledge of a foreign language, but are not sure at what level?
  • CLIC tip 1: Simply take the online placement test at, it is free of charge.
  • CLIC Tip 2: For more exotic languages, language publishers also offer free online placement tests.

Internationally recognized language certificates

An international language certificate is proof that you master a certain language at a certain level. The tests for international language certificates are carried out according to internationally recognized standards. These certificates are often requested by universities and employers to ensure that applicants have language skills at a certain level.

Advantages of a language certificate:

  • Improved career opportunities , as many employers value international certificates as proof of language proficiency.
  • Easier access to international educational institutions, as many universities and colleges require language skills for admission.
  • An international language certificate not only shows language skills, but also intercultural sensitivity, which is increasingly important in global work environments.
  • Improved networking opportunities, as language skills play an important role in developing international relationships.

We are an official test center for the Digital TestDaF.
  • Register for the Digital TestDaF test date directly at TestDaF.
  • Test location: RWU Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences
  • Next possible test date at the RWU: June 6, 2024
  • Next possible preparation: Der digitale TestDaF - Vorbereitungskurs

You can find more information about the Digital TestDaF on the TestDaF Website.

Do you need an official, globally recognized language certificate for English?

CLIC does not offer any official language certificate for English. For more information on official test centers, please see links below.

Our recommendation for your academic career (Master's application, etc.):

  • TOEFL iBT® (Test of English as a Foreign Language iBT)
  • IELTS™ (International English Language Testing System)

Our recommendation for starting your professional career:

NB: In an academic context, please always clarify in advance which certificate is recognized.


Why not do a Master's degree in France or start your professional career in South America?

Internationally recognized language certificates:

Any questions? Please contact us .



Alle News
Digitaler TestDaF an der RWU: Digitale Prüfung Deutsch als Fremdsprache am CLIC, dem Sprachenzentrum der RWU


Digital test German as foreign language

International Language Certificate German as a Foreign Language / On 6th February, RWU offers the opportunity to take the TestDaF as a digital exam.

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Symbolbild Englisch

Workplace training

Language courses for RWU staff starting March 18

Starting in March, the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC) will once again be offering English courses for RWU faculty and staff as well as many other language courses. Registration until March 8, 2024.

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Exchange with Cherasco

"Networking with people from all over the world"

Since 2020, the RWU has taken part in the literature event "Cherasco Storia". Now a return visit from northern Italy took place in Weingarten.

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Gruppenfoto Schülergruppe aus Avellino


An italian week at RWU

For one week, the RWU had a visit from a group of students and their German teacher from Avellino.

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Contact & People

General contact details

Professional English
German as a foreign language
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Outside the campus
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Natalia De Pascale Speck

Leiterin CLIC Sprachenzentrum
Director CLIC Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Natalia de Pascale-Speck


Monja de Silva M.A.

Lektorin für Englisch / Lecturer for English
 Monja de Silva

Lisa Walz

Lecturer / Academic assistant for English
Lisa Walz

Anna Geisler M.A.

Lektorin für Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Anna Geisler

Dolores Müller

Webredakteurin, Brandschutzhelferin