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When financing your studies from abroad, there are the following aspects that you must pay attention to.

Proof of financing

If you need a visa to enter Germany or are already in Germany with a residence permit, you will need proof of financing. This must also be presented each year for the subsequent residence permit.
The proof of financing serves to demonstrate that every international student can cover his or her living expenses. Therefore, 836 EUR must be proven for each month and 10.032 EUR for a whole year. This money must actually be available to you and usually blocked on a German bank account.
Please contact the German mission abroad in your home country to find out exactly which documents you need to apply for your visa. If you are already in Germany, you will need a blocked account for your studies in Weingarten. Further information on blocked accounts can be obtained from the International Office.


Tuition fees for non-EU students

All students who do not come from the EU pay tuition fees of 1.500 EUR for each semester. This is not included in the 10.032 EUR.


Semester fee

In addition, an administrative fee must be paid each semester by all students, regardless of their nationality.  This amounts to 185 euros in the first semester and 177 euros from the second semester onwards.



The RWU does not award direct scholarships, but there are many different providers of scholarships.
In general, you can take a look at the DAAD's scholarship database at or at

DAAD STIBET Studienabschlussbeihilfe for foreign students

Out of funds from the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt), the Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten can award a grant for foreign students in their final study year (Studienabschlussbeihilfe). Please inform yourself accordingly with the information document and fill in the application formular.

It's also mandatory to get a recommendation from a professor of the university.



The DAAD-Award for international students and the International Student Award of Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten are two awards with international reference, which are offered in 2020 by our University.

There are many differences between the both awards; mainly they differ as to their objectives and the target group. Therefore, please take a close look at the requirements before deciding for which award to apply for. Students who fulfill the criteria of both awards are also allowed to apply for both awards.

There is a common application form which has to be filled out.


Working during your studies

Students from EU countries are allowed to work alongside without restrictions, students from non-EU countries a maximum of 120 full days or 240 half days per calendar year, with the exception of job placements, the practical semester and the final thesis in a company.


download Bewerbungsformular_InternationalAwards_2020_de.pdf
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