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Embassy of Media Design

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Laura Luisa Schmid
EMD Hero

Embassy of Media Design, or EMD for short - this is the name of the alumni and support association for the Media Design program, which will soon be founded by lecturers, alumni and students of the program. The association shall serve as a circle of friends of the study program and as an interface between students and alumni. In this bachelor thesis, a website was created, which will provide a platform for the association in the future.

In order to represent the study program appropriately, the website should have an individual and creative appearance. At the same time an uncomplicated administration of the website by outsiders should be possible. In order to satisfy both aspects, a headless content management system was used. It was also possible to provide a secure and easy-to-host frontend, which is characterized in particular by high performance, by using a static site generator.

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marius Hofmeister and Prof. Jürgen Graef.

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EMD Ansichten 02