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Media Design

Symbolbild fĂĽr den Studiengang Mediendesign
At a glance
Regular period
7 semesters, including 1 practical semester
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Apply till 07/15
Abitur or Fachhochschulreife - No portfolio required

Our principles

  1. Subjects that are fun
  2. Versatility: photography, film, apps, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, games, programming, web development, drawing ...
  3. Great study culture through project-based learning with lots of practice and team spirit
  4. Family atmosphere and friendships for life
  5. Short distances in a city with a wide range of leisure activities in the Lake Constance and Alpine foothills region


Media Design Showreel

A showreel from our media design studies with projects from the subjects 3D design, film, photography, game, design basics, motion design, project 1 & project 2, user experience design as well as the bachelor theses.

With examples from our students Alina, Alisa, Ann-Christin, Antonia, Bea, Carla, Cora, Daniel, Denise, Dylan, Elias, Hannah, Isabel, Isabell, Jacqueline, Jana, Jeremia, Johannes, Jonas, Joshua, Julia, Jule, Kilian, Koen, Leon, Lisa & Lisa, Leo, Leon, Mandy, Manuel, Milan, Nik, Noah & Noah, Petr, Rebecca, Robin, Selina, Simon, Verena, Yannick.

Supervised by our instructors Daniel, JĂĽrgen, Klemens, Marius, Markus, Robert.

Equipment used: Aputure, Black Magic PCP6K, Sony alpha A7 III, Sony alpha 6000 and 6600, Zoom.

Software: After Effects, Audition, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Figma, Houdini, Illustrator, InDesign, Marvelous Designer, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unity, Unreal, XD.

Production of the showreel: Maxi Schellhaase.

Events around Media Design

All events

Study guidance Media Design - German

Online study guidance for media design: Do you have questions about our media design degree program? Are you wondering whether you are suitable and what to expect? Do you want to know what you can do after your degree?

Firefox and Chrome work best for this.

Get in touch if you would like to have a look at the lectures. Send an email with your preferred date:

You can try out lectures during the semester.

    Instagram Logo


    Interested in current media design projects? You can find the work of our students on Instagram

    Projects on Instagram

    You can find more projects in the

    Projects tab

    Submit homework and improve access grade

    You can apply from 3 April for the winter semester 2024/25.

    You can improve your entrance grade by doing the homework and being invited to the selection interview. With the homework and the selection interview, you can improve your grade up to a maximum of 1.5 grades (but never lower it). The new homework assignment will be published on 3 April .

    The application portal will be open from mid-May.

    Media Design homework

    Cosmo and Johannes report on their media design studies

    Media designers sit comfortably with their laptops and make everything prettier? Is that true? Why are credits less important for design students? What does freedom have to do with it? Cosmo and Johannes give us an insight into the media design course. In this episode, you'll find out why decisions play such a big role.

    Aylin and Franzi from RWU (ER)KLĂ„RT - DER BACKSTAGEPODCAST take you behind the scenes of RWU and explain interesting facts about media design studies, teaching and the curiosities of our university family.

    Podcasts of RWU

    Studierende Studiengang Mediendesign bei Party

    Shaping digital worlds

    You want to study design? Are you just as interested in photography, animation, film and storytelling as you are in apps, games and AR or VR? Do you find new technologies exciting and want to give free rein to your pioneering spirit?
    We feel the same way. We are a small team of creative minds that would like to explore new ways with you to shape the future of the day after tomorrow.
    From the first semester onwards, you will develop your skills in small groups and be mentored by motivated professors.

    Mediendesign Thinking through making

    Thinking Through Making

    Digital Media Design is all about ideas. We encourage your individual talents and discover the latest technical developments and tools together so that you can quickly make your ideas tangible. The degree program is project-based and has a strong practical orientation. Project work is developed in small teams and results from the interplay of design and technological implementation skills.

    Studentin mit VR-Brille.

    Design and technology

    People are at the centre of the study program. We design for their needs and desires in a modern digital society. Through your new ideas and projects, you create digital living environments with innovative technology and social vision.

    Studierende des Studiengangs Mediendesign fotografieren im Studio

    ... and after graduation?

    The career prospects are very good.

    This was the result of a survey of our graduates in spring 2021:

    • 95% have a job and are satisfied or very satisfied with this job.
    • 34% already found a job during their studies, mostly through an internship or their Bachelor's thesis.
    • 78% work full-time
    • 18% work part-time
    • 4% are self-employed
    • 71% found the job in the first 3 months, 14% took 4-6 months, 15% started later.

    The good job prospects are due to the fact that our graduates are fit in new technologies and programming. Without these skills, it is more difficult to start a career.

    A Master's degree is also an option afterwards.

    Popular are:

    Downloads - German

    download Flyer Mediendesign B.Sc.
    Alle Infos kompakt auf einen Blick
    Alle Infos kompakt auf einen Blick
    pdf (732 kB)
    download Aktuelle SPO Mediendesign B.Sc.
    §49 der Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für die Bachelorstudiengänge - Fassung vom 01. Juli 2021
    §49 der Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für die Bachelorstudiengänge - Fassung vom 01. Juli 2021
    pdf (49 kB)
    download SPO für die Bachelorstudiengänge der RWU - Fassung vom 19. Januar 2023
    Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für die Bachelorstudiengänge mit Allgemeinem Teil - Diese Änderungssatzung tritt zum SoSe 2023 in Kraft.
    Studien- und Prüfungsordnung für die Bachelorstudiengänge mit Allgemeinem Teil - Diese Änderungssatzung tritt zum SoSe 2023 in Kraft.
    pdf (1 MB)
    download Modulhandbuch Mediendesign B.Sc. fĂĽr das SoSe24
    Ă„ltere ModulhandbĂĽcher sind im QM Portal abgelegt.
    Ă„ltere ModulhandbĂĽcher sind im QM Portal abgelegt.
    pdf (1 MB)
    download Modulhandbuch Mediendesign B.Sc. fĂĽr das WiSe22/23
    Ă„ltere ModulhandbĂĽcher sind im QM Portal abgelegt.
    Ă„ltere ModulhandbĂĽcher sind im QM Portal abgelegt.
    pdf (428 kB)
    download Zulassungs- und Auswahlsatzung Mediendesign B.Sc.
    Zulassungssatzung fĂĽr den Bachelorstudiengang vom 28. Oktober 2021
    Zulassungssatzung fĂĽr den Bachelorstudiengang vom 28. Oktober 2021
    pdf (2 MB)
    download Hausaufgabe_u_Anmeldung_Auswahlgerspraech_Mediendesign_2024
    Formular mit Hausaufgabe und Anmeldung zum Auswahlgespräch
    Formular mit Hausaufgabe und Anmeldung zum Auswahlgespräch
    pdf (263 kB)

    Further information

    Curriculum Preview

    Download curriculum

    All contents of the MEDIA design program at a glance:


    • Basics of design (project work)

    • Photography (project work)

    • Interaction Design (project work)

    • Linear Algebra

    • Programming 1


    • Film (project work)

    • Motion Design (project work)

    • Programming 2

    • Mathematics for Designers


    • 3D Design (project work)

    • User Experience Design (project work)

    • Web Development 1 (project work)

    • Creative Coding (project work)


    • Project 1 (Free Project)

    • Game Design (Project work)

    • Soft Skills & Agile Methods (Project work)

    • Web Development 2 (project work)

    • Elective (depending on the elective, mainly project work)


    • Practical semester (practical semester in companies or institutions)


    • Project 2 (free project)

    • Compulsory elective module (project work)

    • Compulsory elective module (project work)

    • Compulsory elective module (project work)


    • Bachelor's thesis (free project)

    • Media Design Seminar (accompanying seminar for Bachelor)

    • Elective (depending on elective, mainly project work)

    • Elective (depending on the elective, mainly project work)



    Online study advice, homework questions & taster sessions

    Students & professors are happy to advise you.

    • The homework advice for the winter semester 2024/25 will take place online at:
      Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 5 pm
      Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 5 pm
    • Students answer your questions and show their own homework. Just take a look online. No registration necessary.
    • Big Blue Button

    Sign up for a taster session:

    Application only for the winter semester

    The program offers 35 places per year and is only offered in the winter semester.

    You can apply from May to 15 July . Lectures start at the beginning of October. You can find the exact dates in the menu: dates.

    The applicants with the best overall grades will be admitted. In the winter semester 2023/24, all those who had an overall grade of 1.5 or better  in some cases were admitted. Those who had a waiting period of seven semesters and an HZB grade of at least 2.7 were also admitted.

    Application portal (application possible from May)


    Improve your admission grade with voluntary homework

    If you would like to improve your grade by up to 1.5 grades , you can take part in the voluntary homework assignment. If your submitted homework is promising, you will be invited to the selection interview, where you can improve your grade from 0.0 to 1.5 marks (but never lower it).

    From 3 April you will find the Media Design homework here. The deadline for the homework is 13 June (23:59). The selection interviews will take place in the first week of July. 

    Three steps to the homework and the selection interview

    Download Homework Media Design 2024/25 (german language)

    The deadline for the homework: 13 June.

    Deadline for the submission of your homework: 13 June (23:59)


    You have two options to submit the homework - either

    Upload homework and registration form for the selection interview with upload link

    Upload link:


    Create folder:

    • Create a folder: NAME_First_Name_Application_Number_TaskABC
    • Each file must also be named the same: NAME_FirstName_Application_Number_Task.filename


    • Folder MUSTER_Mara_123456_B with the files.
    • SAMPLE_Mara_123456_B_Homework.pdf
    • MUSTER_Mara_123456_B_Homework.mp4
    • SAMPLE_Mara_123456_B_ApplicationSelection.pdf

    The upload system does not provide feedback that your two files have arrived safely. If you are not sure whether your upload worked, send a mail to with your name and application number. We will check whether your uploads have arrived and can be opened and will get back to you.

    In addition, you have to apply for the study program in the RWU application portal The application number is the number you get in the RWU application portal when you apply online.


    Stick with homework by mail

    You can also send your homework together with the registration form for the selection interview on a stick: Create a folder: NAME_First_Name_Application_Number_TaskABC with the two files NAME_First_Name_Application_Number_TaskABC_Homework.mp4 and NAME_First_Name_Application_Number_TaskABC_Application_Selection.pdf.

    Send the stick by post to

    RWU University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten

    P O Box 30 22

    D 88216 Weingarten


    Or you can drop the letter with the stick into the mailbox of the main building.

    You can apply online from May onwards.

    RWU Application Portal

    The selection interviews are scheduled to take place from in the first week of July. Each selection interview will last a maximum of 15 minutes. We will ask you questions about your homework, your motivation and check how well you are suited to our program. The bonus achieved will be counted towards your overall grade.

    A maximum of 70 applicants with the best homework and the chance of a bonus will be invited to the selection interview.

    FAQ Media Design

    Yes, for example, if you don't have your school leaving certificate yet, you can submit it later. You can find the exact procedure in the application FAQ.

    You can improve your grade by submitting the homework and being invited to the selection interview. With the homework and the selection interview, you can improve your grade up to a maximum of 1.5 marks (but never lower it).

    Every year on 3 April, the new homework assignment is published online here. Deadline for the homework assignment and the application documents: 13 June (until 23:59).

    The average grade of your university entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife, etc.) is used for the ranking list in the Media Design degree program.

    If there are more applicants than places, 90% of the places are awarded through the selection procedure (best overall grade) and 10% of the places are awarded according to waiting time.

    Yes! is credited:

    Vocational training

    You have completed vocational training? You will receive a bonus of 0.2 marks for the following training courses:

    • 23 Paper and printing occupations, technical media design
    • 27 Technical research, development, construction and production control occupations
    • 28 Textile and leather occupations
    • 31 Construction planning, architecture and surveying occupations
    • 43 Computer science, information and communication technology occupations
    • 92 Advertising, marketing, commercial and editorial media occupations
    • 93 Product design and arts and crafts occupations, fine arts, musical instrument making
    • 94 Performing and entertainment occupations

    Not sure if your training is one of them? In the list of recognised training occupations you will find the designations under the respective numbers: https: //

    Occupation in completed occupation
    • 0.1 marks bonus for each full year of professional activity in the completed occupation. A maximum of 4 years of professional activity is recognised.
    Voluntary social year
    • 0.1 grade bonus. Federal voluntary service and voluntary ecological year are also recognised.
    Practical activities, extracurricular achievements and qualifications
    • 0.1 marks to 0.2 marks bonus, depending on the extent of the activities.
    Voluntary homework and selection interview
    • Up to 1.5 marks can be added to the overall mark by the result of a selection interview together with a self-completed homework assignment.

    The bonuses achieved are added together.

    Prospective students often apply to several universities and study programmes. As a result, places regularly become available again because applicants decide to take up another place. These vacant places are then allocated to those who did not make it in the first place. Places are again awarded according to the ranking list, i.e. first to those with the best overall grade.

    You can find further information on applications and the allocation of places at the Admissions Office.

    Each semester , a semester fee is due for all students when they enrol or re-register. This is charged at a similar rate by all universities in Germany.

    Composition and amount of the fee

    Fees for international students and for second degree programs

    In Baden-WĂĽrttemberg, since the winter semester 2017/2018, there has been a tuition fee for international students (non-EU citizens) and a Second-study fee. Thus, in some cases, a tuition fee must be paid in addition to the semester fee.

    Before enrolment, applicants from non-EU countries or applicants for a second degree program receive a form to assess whether a tuition fee obligation actually exists.

    The amounts and detailed information can be found under Finances.

    Yes, all students have their own laptop, as work on the projects continues at home. Students from the higher semesters advise you on the selection of a suitable laptop.

    In addition, you will find fast PCs with fast graphics cards and good screens in the labs.

    In the labs you will find the software you need for working:

    • Maya
    • Houdini
    • Substance Painter
    • Marvelous
    • Unity 3D
    • DaVinci Resolve

    Many students get their own software licences because they also want to work on their projects at home.

    No. You can rent the necessary equipment for photo and film projects from us. You can find the equipment on the film and photo studio. If you have a good system or DSLR camera, you can of course use it.


    Mediendesign, 3D Design


    "Limbus" is a 3D animated horror short film in which a war veteran is caught up in the traumatic experiences of his past.

    arr_right More

    Mediendesign, 2D, 3D Design


    "Zahid" was created as a project 1. The goal was to create a teaser for a larger story, for which an authentic 2D look is combined with 3D animation.

    arr_right More

    Mobile Anwendung fĂĽr klimafreundliches Reisen


    ECOVAL is an app for eco-friendly travel planning with the aim of creating more awareness and interest in sustainability in the tourism sector.

    arr_right More

    Mediendesign, 3D Design


    The 3D project "Temple" deals with the conception, realization and presentation of a post-apocalyptic environment.

    arr_right More

    EMD Hero

    Embassy of Media Design

    EMD - Embassy of Media Design. This will soon be the name of the alumni and support association for the Media Design program. The new website for this was created in this project.

    arr_right More

    Petch Teaser Bild


    PETCH is a digital platform and application for animal placement that places special emphasis on ensuring the identity of animals as living beings and family members.

    arr_right More

    Make Web Sustainable

    Make Web Sustainable

    The website provides information about sustainable web design and aims to create awareness for this important topic.

    arr_right More


    Space Shuttle Launch

    FX simulations and lookdevelopment of a space shuttle launch.

    arr_right More

    Mediendesign, Motion Design

    Fly Away

    The motion design project "Fly Away" was inspired by the song of the same name by the artist "TheFatRat" and realized with the help of 2D animation.

    arr_right More

    Tesla Spec Spot Teaser

    Tesla Spec Spot

    Full CG automotive spec spot for the Tesla Model 3. Complete workflow from initial ideas, to a storyboard with sketches and an animatic, to final render and video.

    arr_right More

    Awakening Of Nature Teaserbild

    Awakening of Nature

    The CGI film "Awakening of Nature" shows how nature comes back to life through the growth of various plants. The various effects were created procedurally and then rendered in real time.

    arr_right More

    Gendai no kantorihausu Teaser

    Gendai no kantorihausu

    Gendai no kantorihausu, or Japanese Modern Country House, is a real-time UE4 project that lets you walk through and explore the house in real time.

    arr_right More

    Dwarf Mine Teaser Bild

    Dwarf Mine

    Dwarf Mine is a 3D game created in the game engine "Unity". You play a young, 126 year old dwarf. The character's mission is to retrieve his beer mug from the mine, which he forgot in the mine tunnel after work.

    arr_right More

    Chasing Magazin - Ăśbersicht Doppelseiten


    Chasing is a magazine that deals with time. It looks at the subject from different angles, as well as the scientific aspect and how social life changes over time.

    arr_right More

    Sawayama Titelplakat

    Music posters and their regularities

    The project focused on the analysis, conception and design of music posters and their regularities in composition and structure.

    arr_right More

    Tiger mit Blume


    Since the animated film "Klaus", the bar for 2D animation is very high. The project "Sunrise" implements a scene inspired by this style.

    arr_right More

    Polaris Vorschaubild


    Polaris is an astronomy-themed board game that can be played in combination with an app. The story takes place in the future, where people have managed to fly to the most distant stars.

    arr_right More

    Teaser Solemates

    Solemates - Custom Sneakers

    SOLEMATES is a UX concept for a custom sneakers online store that stands out from the usual scheme of shopping sites.

    arr_right More

    Cakedreams Backbuch Buch Cover


    Cakedreams is a baking book that follows a modular principle and allows everyone to be creative in baking. A poster series was conceived and designed to go with the book.

    arr_right More

    Goldmädchen - Plakatmotiv


    The thriller "Goldmädchen" was created as part of the subject Film. It is about the self-confident and easy-going thief Sarah, who goes to a noble bar one night in search of rewarding loot.

    arr_right More

    Moodle Redesign Teaser Dashboard

    Redesign Moodle

    In cooperation with the university didactics and lecturers, a new design for Moodle has been created, which is based on the corporate identity of RWU.

    arr_right More

    Magic Arrow Adventure Game Teaser

    Magic Arrow

    Magic Arrow is an action adventure game with role-playing elements for the smartphone. The game should have simple controls and be playable with one hand.

    arr_right More

    Jack und sein jĂĽngerer Geist

    Jack's Dream

    Do you know who you want to be in the future? The animated short film "Jack's Dream" is about Jack, a law student against his will.

    arr_right More

    Startseite SCA Website

    Redesign SCA website

    For the Sports Club Adelsdorf (SCA) a redesign of the website with focus on conception, navigation and design was developed in close cooperation with the board of directors.

    arr_right More

    A Climate Change Hero Still

    A climate change hero

    Whales are of great ecological value to humanity, having a surprisingly large positive impact on the world's climate.

    arr_right More

    Lost Places  - Verfallenes Gebäude

    Lost Places

    As part of a photo project, "Lost Places" were documented to bring this past back to memory.

    arr_right More

    Procedural Environment Design

    Procedural Realtime Environment

    A procedurally generated 3D environment inspired by the "Kowloon" district in Hong Kong.

    arr_right More

    Skate South Titelbild und Inhalt

    Skate South

    Skate South focuses on the people who make skateboarding what it is. Their passion. Their scars. Their perspective. Their mindset. Their cities. Their stories.

    arr_right More

    EMILY Film Teaser & Hero


    The short film EMILY is a cross-semester project by Elias Engelhardt and Laurin Völcker.

    arr_right More

    Ăśbersicht Plakatreihe

    Politics in a different way.

    Unfortunately, political campaigns today are often staid and stale. This project explores how to use eye-catching design and provocative headlines to create a political campaign to remember.

    arr_right More

    A Bonfires Life Teaserbild

    A Bonfire's Life

    Short film about the story of a small, magical-looking campfire that comes to life with the help of particle systems and simulations.

    arr_right More

    Lilith Danton Portrait Rendering

    Lilith Danton

    Lilith is the mysterious and ruthless protector of the Queen of Corholt, a city-state in the Victorian era.

    arr_right More

    3D Rendering eines verlassenen Klosters


    Godforsaken is a real-time 3D environment based on Unreal Engine 4.

    arr_right More

    Emotionserkennung im Austismus-Spektrum

    Emotion Recognition

    This bachelor's thesis explores user experience design for artificial intelligence applications for people on the autism spectrum.

    arr_right More

    Bravik Mittelalterliches Haus

    Bravik - Medieval Township

    Bravik is a medieval village set in a rural forest and hilly landscape.

    arr_right More

    Illustratives Bild einer Schreibmaschine

    Communication - a brief history

    Communication is the exchange of information. Through the development of language, humans were able to gather and pass on knowledge for the first time, thereby gaining an evolutionary advantage.

    arr_right More

    Instagram Logo

    Follow us on Instagram

    For many more projects and insights into our degree program, follow us on Instagram.

    arr_right More

    Keyvisual fĂĽr den Web Forward Blog

    Web >> Forward

    A blog for innovative web technologies at RWU: This is Web >> Forward. Students report here on their project work and final theses related to the web.

    arr_right More

    Bild aus dem Videostudio

    Photo Studio & Film Studio

    arr_right More

    3D Figur von Andreas Lorer

    3D & Game Development

    arr_right More


    Discover the Media Design degree program at RWU in Weingarten: Everything you need to know

    Are you looking for a creative Media Design degree in Baden-WĂĽrttemberg? Then Weingarten is the right place! On this page you can find out what you need to know about studying Media Design at RWU - from the course content and requirements to options of specialisation and financing.

    Requirements for studying Media Design

    To study Media Design in Weingarten, you need a university entrance qualification (Abitur or Fachhochschulreife). To improve your admission grade by up to 1.5 grades, you can show your creativity in a voluntary homework assignment.

    Study content Media Design (Bachelor of Science)

    The Media Design degree program is interdisciplinary and covers many exciting areas such as graphic design, game design, web design, photography, film, user experience design, motion design, 3D design, programming and web development. You will acquire knowledge in communication design and work on exciting projects that focus on theory and practice.

    Testimonials from Media Design students

    Many Media Design students appreciate the personal atmosphere and close contact with the lecturers in Weingarten. The proximity to Lake Constance, the mountains and the Allgäu area offers an inspiring environment for creative work. Weingarten is also an attractive university town with over 7,000 students at RWU and PH Weingarten.

    Media Design and Graphic Design in comparison

    While the Graphic Design degree program focuses more on visual communication and design, the Media Design degree program offers a much broader spectrum of audiovisual and digital subjects and combines various disciplines that go beyond pure design.

    Options of specialisation in Media Design studies

    In the course of your studies, you can specialize in different areas such as game design, film, web development or user experience design. This allows you to develop your individual interests and strengths. During your studies, you create many work samples for your portfolio to show your versatility and apply for a practical semester or a job.

    Career opportunities after graduation

    There are many exciting career opportunities open to you after graduation. You can work in advertising agencies, design studios, in the film and games industry or start your own business as a freelancer. Salaries in Media Design vary depending on the industry and experience.

    Differences between Media Design distance learning, face-to-face studies and dual studies

    With face-to-face studies in Weingarten, you have personal contact with lecturers and fellow students, while with distance learning you study exclusively for yourself and remain anonymous. On campus you can make friends for life. With a dual study program, you have to work a lot and are usually less flexible and have less free time.

    Scholarships and financing options

    There are various financing options for your Media Design studies in Weingarten. You can apply for scholarships, BAföG or a student loan. Find out in good time about the various options to cover your living costs.


    Your Media Design studies at an accredited and state-run university in Weingarten offer you a versatile and well-founded education in creative fields and a great study atmosphere. With the right prerequisites, a convincing portfolio and the right specialization, you have the best prerequisites after your studies to get started in the exciting world of digital media design. Take your chance and discover your passion for creative professions!

    Contact & People

    General contact details

    Opening hours During the lecture-free period: By appointment via e-mail
    Web links
    On campus
    Building T
    Doggenriedstr. 42
    88250 Weingarten
    Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    University of Applied Sciences
    Media Design
    P.O. Box 30 22
    88216 Weingarten

    Academic counselling & program management

    Prof. Klemens Ehret

    Film, photography, presentation, usability
    Head of study program and Advisor Media Design (Bachelor)
    Prof. Klemens Ehret

    Deanery Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Edith Konstanzer

    Office of Applied Computer Science, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering PLUS Teacher Training, Media Design, Computer Science


    Prof. JĂĽrgen Graef M.A.

    Fundamentals of design, user experience design, usability engineering, digital innovation design
    Member of the Senate, Member of the academic commission
    Prof. JĂĽrgen Graef

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marius Hofmeister

    Computer science, especially web development, cloud computing & graphical user interfaces
    Internship Office Manager for Applied Computer Science, Media Design, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering PLUS Teaching Post
    Marius Hofmeister

    Prof. Markus Lauterbach

    Computer Visualization, Digital Transformation Design, Human-Computer Interaction
    Coordinator for international affairs for Media Design and Applied Computer Science programs
    Prof. Markus Lauterbach

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Scherzer

    Computer graphics, games programming and design
    Daniel Scherzer

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Weiss

    Embedded systems, mobile systems, apps
    Head of study program of Computer Science/Electrical Engineering PLUS Teaching degree (Bachelor), Member of the Scholarship Selection Committee for the "Deutschlandstipendium"
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Weiss

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Zeller

    Computer science, especially programming & software engineering
    Head of study program of Applied Infomatics (Bachelor) and Computer Science (Master), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Zeller


    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Bernhard

    Research Assistant for Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.), Media Design (B.Sc.)

    Dipl. Kommunikationsdesigner Robert Heissmann

    Academic employee for Fundamentals of Design, Typography, Editorial Design, Brand & Corporate Design
    Robert Heissmann

    Eva Gieselberg M.A.

    Academic employee for photography, film, audio
    Eva Gieselberg

    Overseas Representative

    Prof. Markus Lauterbach

    Computer Visualization, Digital Transformation Design, Human-Computer Interaction
    Coordinator for international affairs for Media Design and Applied Computer Science programs
    Prof. Markus Lauterbach

    Practice Office

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marius Hofmeister

    Computer science, especially web development, cloud computing & graphical user interfaces
    Internship Office Manager for Applied Computer Science, Media Design, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering PLUS Teaching Post
    Marius Hofmeister

    Examination Office

    Yasemin Ercan

    Student Examination Office Faculties of Social Work, Health and Nursing / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Student Administration Office
    Study programs AP, GĂ–, MD, PF, S, AGM, ASM/STM, SGM


    Prof. Dr. Bela Mutschler

    Online marketing, search engine marketing, e-business
    Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Prof. Dr. Bela Mutschler