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Mediendesign Student Studio

Whether in the creative sector, in urban planning or in industry: design and creation run through all areas of life. Well thought-out design is something you can learn. At RWU, for example.

The topic of design plays a role in two different fields of study: On the one hand, in the Media Design program. On the other hand, in Mechanical Engineering you can choose Engineering Design, where you learn to design the products of tomorrow.

Mediendesign-Studenten Studio
  • Testimonial Design Atil
    The Media Design program at RWU is a Bachelor of Science. That's unusual. But it's the perfect combination of technology and creativity for me. Lots of practice, lots of contacts and even start-up support - ideal for my plans to become self-employed with app developments.
  • Testimonial Design Knobel
    For me, Engineering Design combines the creative with the logical and structured. Both fields complement each other perfectly, as you not only gain a wide range of important skills, but also a more diverse field of work. So you can work in traditional mechanical engineering fields, in product development or even in industrial design. My personal goal is the connection between design and technical implementation in the automotive industry.
  • Testimonial Design Heissmann
    The conditions here are sensational. Computers, software, cameras, plotters, whatever your heart desires is here. On the other hand, I always say: You can also take cool photos with an old cam. What good is all this technology without creativity? And what good is creativity without good colleagues? Here I have found all three things.

Studying Design at RWU

Here you can find the RWU degree programs that are all about design and creation.


Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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Media Design

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Mediendesign-Studenten Kamera

Get a taste

In the study program Media Design there is regular online advising as well as the possibility to sit in on lectures on site. Do you have questions about the program? You just want to hear first-hand what it's like and what you do every day? Or do you want to know what you can do later with your studies? Then you've come to the right place.

  • The online consultation usually takes place on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 pm. You can find the exact dates and the link to the video room on the study program page.
  • And if you prefer to see it live and on site, you can also take a look at the lectures. For this you have to register in advance, just send an email with your desired date to
Design Farben Medien

Possible occupational fields

media design

The Media Design program at RWU is interdisciplinary and encompasses many areas, such as

  • photography and film
  • graphic / game / web design
  • user experience / motion / 3D design
  • programming and web development.

In the course of your studies you can specialize in different areas. This allows you to develop your individual interests and strengths.

During your studies you will create many work samples for your portfolio to show your versatility and to apply for an internship or a job. After graduation, many career options are open to you. You can work in

  • advertising agencies
  • design studios
  • the film and games industry
  • or start your own business as a freelancer

Salary varies depending on the industry and experience.

Engineering design

In Engineering Design you learn to develop and design innovative products. In addition to the technical and scientific fundamentals, subjects such as CAD and aesthetics also play a central role in your studies. As an engineer, you will have in-depth methodological and technical knowledge and the ability to solve problems. When developing, testing and optimizing a wide variety of products, communication is one of the keys to success.

The range of possible employers is very broad and extends from development offices to industrial companies and government agencies. The demand for engineers remains high and the earning potential is correspondingly good.

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