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Careers in the social affairs and health care sector are characterized by a high degree of meaningfulness . It doesn't matter whether you prefer to work with children, young people, seniors or people with disabilities - with your work you can help people and make a big difference.

At RWU, an entire faculty with a total of seven degree programs is dedicated to this field. The bachelor's offerings are: Applied Psychology, Health Economics, Nursing and Social Work.

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  • Testimonial Soziales Ela Akgül
    I study at RWU because I like being here. I am from here and I like it here. My goal is to work in youth court assistance. There it needs more diversity and interculturality.
  • Landingpage Testimonial Soziales Marco
    The program not only opens the door to the versatile psychology master's programs, but also offers me the opportunity to use my bachelor's degree to get a start in professional life. I chose RWU far away from my home because I was attracted by the landscape around the Lake Constance and the Allgäu region. In addition, Weingarten as a university town is a dream for a student looking for a location where university life can really be felt.
  • Landingpage Testimonial Soziales Gillian
    Becoming a social worker is a matter close to my heart, which is why it was important for me to be prepared for this as well as possible at a university. I chose RWU because I believe it will enable me to do just that.

Social studies at RWU

Here you can find all RWU degree programs with a social focus.

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Applied Psychology

Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing

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Health Economics

Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing

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Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing

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Social Work

Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing

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Business Psychology

Faculty of Technology and Management

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Online consulting

The study programs Health Economics and Social Work offer regular online advising sessions. Do you have questions about your studies or just want to hear first-hand what you do every day? Or do you want to know what you can do later with your degree? Then you've come to the right place. You can find the exact dates and links to the video rooms on the study program pages.

Social Work Talent Scanner

You are interested in the study program Social Work but you are not quite sure yet? Then the free, two-week online trial study is right for you. With the talent scanner you can take a look at selected courses of study without obligation and without complications. Together with other students, you will gain insights into social work through a project.

Advantages of the Talentscanner

  • Flexible and practical insight into the desired course of study: Get to know the typical questions and working techniques.
  • Find out in which fields of activity you could work after graduation.
  • Test your study skills and competencies and get to know fellow students.
  • Complete a certificate.
  • Alternative admission procedure if your numerus clausus is not sufficient.
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Career opportunities

Job prospects in the social affairs and health care sector are better than ever before. Both, public institutions and private providers are desperately seeking highly qualified personnel.

Applied psychology

Graduates of Applied Psychology can work in a variety of fields:

  • In clinical psychology in diagnostics and therapy under the responsibility of licensed psychologists.
  • In the field of health psychology, job opportunities are available in the public health sector, with companies in the context of workplace health promotion, in management consultancies or in educational institutions.
  • Knowledge in ecological psychology as well as intercultural psychology is increasingly in demand by political foundations or NGOs, district and municipal offices as well as internationally operating companies.

In order to "bring people along" in the digital transformation of society, the need for psychological expertise in digital technology and development is increasing.

Health Economics

For graduates of the Health Economics program, the job prospects are excellent. The health care sector offers many jobs in Germany. Health economists work, for example, in:

  • hospitals,
  • health insurance companies,
  • rehabilitation facilities,
  • the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries,
  • as well as in associations or ministries.

Areas of activity include personnel, organization, controlling, financing, quality management and marketing.


Graduates of the Nursing program find employment opportunities in all nursing sectors, especially in the care of people with complex needs and the further development of nursing. Other fields of activity include

  • counseling and training patients and family members,
  • quality and project management,
  • nursing science research.

Potential employers are

  • nursing and health care institutions,
  • health or long-term care insurance companies,
  • care support centers.

Social work

The demand for qualified social workers in public institutions and in the social economy is high. Thereby the fields of activity are versatile. Graduates support, among others

  • children and young people,
  • senior citizens,
  • people with disabilities,
  • people with a migration background in challenging life situations.

Social workers work in

  • schools and daycare centers,
  • public authorities or municipalities,
  • foundations or associations.

Dates for prospective students

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Information event on the Bachelor's degree program "Business Psychology"

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