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Master Part-time / German
Faculty Technology and Management

International Business Management & Sustainability

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At a glance

At a glance

Regular period
5 semesters
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Apply till 07/15
Entry requirements: university degree equals 2,5 (or better); One year of work experience; letter of application; English B2

Please note: The status of your application will be communicated to you electronically in the application portal. There will be no letter by post.

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Student in der Vorlesung.

About the IBS Degree Program

The part-time master's program International Business Management & Sustainability (IBS) is a business administration program for graduates of business and non-business bachelor's programs with work experience (finishing degree: Master of Business Administration, MBA). It is designed for (future) managers and provides them with a comprehensive and in-depth portfolio of competencies. The teaching of specialist knowledge in the area of "sustainability" is covered in all modules. The overall objective of the program is to train managers for companies in business markets with an ecological, economic and social understanding of sustainability for future organizational and market requirements in an international context.

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Sustainability, internationality and leadership competence concentrated in one program

"Sustainability, Leadership and Internationality" play a significant role, as do current trends in the area of digitalisation or innovation management. During five semesters you will gain invaluable insights and acquire special skills in numerous fields across general management, market development along with international business.

Our lecturers are equipped with many years of practical experience in an international environment, affording them superb real world insight and knowledge. This degree offers you the opportunity to develop professionally and academically. You will be coached individually which includes a two day stay in a monastery. The monastery is located close to the university. Furthermore, the course includes the opportunity to take part in an international field trip abroad.

Student in der Vorlesung.

Small cohort, practical and professionally transferable - our strengths from over 10 years of experi

We focus on the compatibility of family, career and studies. Our courses take place at employee-friendly times, mainly on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. There are usually no events during the school holidays. You can expect excellent support from the program management team.

With our study program concept, we want to promote studying in small groups (maximum 20 students per year group), which we feel produces optimal effectiveness and ultimately results.

Our concept utilises predominantly case study based forms of examination, geared towards developing skills and abilities directly and immediately transferable into real world contexts and businesses.

Studierende in der Vorlesung.

Career and prospects

Whether you want to kick-start a brand new career, boost your existing experience or change career direction, our MBA program “International Business Management” can provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to flourish. As a university in a dynamic economic region we are your perfect match to prepare you for the challenges of a globally active company.

Our graduates hold important positions in upper and middle management. Occupational and operational fields include divisional and departmental management, project and team management, executive management, business process management and management consultancy.

Interview with Thomas Fuss, graduate of the International Business Management program

Today Thomas Fuss is a sales team leader at Rafi GmbH & Co. KG. He completed his MBA in the part-time Master's program International Business Management in spring 2017. He tells us here, what made him choose this degree program back then and what he thinks about it today.


Curriculum Preview

Download curriculum

The study program takes place part-time over five semesters and concludes with the master's thesis. The lectures are held in English. However, the master's thesis can be written in English or in German.

The five-semester master's program provides you with fundamental business, methodological and management skills. Fifteen modules are spread across five focus areas:

- General Management

- Sustainability and value creation

- Leadership

- Processes and digitalization

- International Business

Our lecture times take into account the compatibility of family, career and study:

Fridays, 2 - 8 p.m. and

Saturdays, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

There are no courses during school holidays.


Please note: The status of your application will be communicated to you electronically in the application portal. There will be no letter by post.

Admission takes place in the winter semester. The regular application deadline is the 15th of July 2022. After 15th of July, please send your admission directly to the dean of studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach ( )

Admission for the summer semester is possible if the admission capacity could not be filled in the winter semester. Then, the application deadline is the 15th of January of the respective year. In this case, the applicant will be admitted to the second curriculum semester.

To apply, submit an application using our  online application portal.

Entry requirements:

1. a professional university degree of 210 ECTS with an overall grade of at least 2.5

2. a minimum of one-year professional work experience in the corresponding field

3. a letter of application (1-2 pages in German)

4. evidence of your English language proficiency through either

   i.  an English language certificate at the level of at least B2,

   ii. completion of an English language module in the Bachelor's degree program with an overall grade of
       at least 2.5,

   iii. Examination of language skills within a selection interview pursuant to § 11 of the Statutes or

   iv. equivalent proof

The selection committee examines the suitability for the degree program (yes/no) within a selection interview in accordance with § 11 of the Statutes.

Selection procedure:

The basis for the application is the grade of the university degree. However, this grade can be improved by up to 0.4 in total, but by a maximum of 0.8 through:

  • the professional position attained, as well as the duration and type of professional experience
  • the result of a selection interview

Complete information on the admission requirements as well as information for applicants whose Bachelor's degree comprises 180 ECTS can be found in the current admission regulations of the Master's degree program International Business Management & Sustainability.

The Master's degree can only be awarded if 300 ECTS points have been achieved including the previous study program.



Master IBS Studienwoche Vancouver

International Study Week 2022

Students of the master program IBS on study week in Vancouver

International study weeks have been an integral part of the part-time MBA program for over 15 years. This year it took us to Vancouver!

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IB Innovation Lounge 2021

International Business Management

New Dialogue Platform - "Innovation Lounge“

The International Business Management part-time MBA program invited its students to attend the "Innovation Lounge" dialog platform for the first time this past summer semester. It will continue in the winter semester...

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Center for Business and Industrial Marketing

CBIM International Conference

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl, Nayan Kadam and Alireza Ahmadi for representing Ravensburg-Weingarten University at the CBIM International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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The tuition fee for the entire program is 14.900 €.

In addition to the tuition fees, a semester fee applies each semester. The semester fee is  157.50 € and is divided as follows:

 Studierendenwerk:                                                     90.50 €

Administration costs:                                                  70.00 €

Student Body Representative Committee:              16.50 €

Student ID card                                                               8.50 €

Total                                                                              185,00 €

Payment terms

You will receive a tuition fee notice from Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences at the beginning of your studies, which contains the payment targets for the tuition fees (5 payment amounts).

1. Semester - 2.980,00 EUR

2. Semester - 2.980,00 EUR

3. Semester - 2.980,00 EUR

4. Semester - 2.980,00 EUR

5. Semester - 2.980,00 EUR

Can you deduct the costs of studying from tax?

Normally, you should be able to claim the costs as part of your tax return. In addition to tuition fees, you may also be able to claim travel expenses and specialist literature as further training costs.  The fee notice in connection with the enrolment certificate serves in general as proof at the tax office.

Special features

Double Degree

Students have the opportunity to participate in a double degree agreement. The selection is made after application for a double degree place by the chairperson of the examination board and the selection committee. The double degree agreement provides for semesters 3 and 4 to be completed at the partner university. After successful completion of semesters 3 and 4 at the partner university as well as the Master's thesis, which can also take place abroad after consultation with the chairperson of the examination committee, the graduate is awarded a double degree.


IBS has partnered with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Vancouver to offer students the opportunity of a "double degree". BCIT's Global Leadership program focuses on leadership with an approach that embraces diversity and inclusion.

The program aims to provide a systematic understanding of global leadership by starting with a solid foundation of personal leadership skills, extending leadership theory to organisations, and then applying cultural intelligence to strategic leadership decision-making and implementation.

This program aims to improve critical analysis skills, problem solving, effective team building, change management and intercultural communication.

The BCIT program flyer is attached in the download section.

For admission to the "Double Degree" please contact the Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach ( ).



Study Trip


For you as a future manager, it is not only important to grasp the management of a company in Germany. Many companies nowadays are internationally networked and conduct their business in global markets. As an employee, you will have to face the following challenges: What is the culture of the country and what intercultural circumstances do I have to consider? What is happening in this foreign market and what is possible there? And how do I reach my international business partners with my product or service?

The MBA program “International Business Management & Sustainability” offers you an exciting insight into another country within or outside Europe. Our program is an interesting mix of business, culture and academic teaching. During the International Study Week, you will have the opportunity to come into contact with German and international companies in the respective country. Academic content from the target country is also imparted through visits to universities. Furthermore, an interesting cultural program with city tours, museum visits and culinary experiences completes our trip. The aim of the International Study Week is to give you the competence to approach a new and perhaps unknown country skilfully and to act competently in it.

Countries we visit include Canada, Hungary, Estonia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, USA and India. We offer you a travel date once a year. Each year, a European destination and a non-European destination country alternate. The international study week is led and organised by the International Officer of the Faculty of Technology & Management and Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach. You will receive a certificate with a list of the exact program points for your records.




The dialogue platform "Innovation Lounge" was established as a complementary strategic program format in the part-time MBA program International Business Management & Sustainability (IBS).

At the start of the summer semester 2021, the Master's students were invited to the first online "Innovation Lounge".

"From Idea to Innovation" was the title of the evening with H. Dr. Hans-Jürgen August, member of the senior management team of the technology company TTTech Group with headquarters in Vienna. "We would like to offer our MBA students, some of whom are already working as executives themselves, another opportunity to acquire future-oriented skills that will help them in their personal development and professional careers. Therefore, executives and consultants from various industries present their experiences and challenges in this context," says Professor Dr. Eberhard Hohl, who developed the new format together with Dean of Studies Professor Dr. Barbara Niersbach.

Innovation as a strategic success factor in global competition

The purpose of the newly established dialogue platform is the complementary communication of current and future competences necessary for the successful design of leadership, change and innovation processes in companies. On the other hand, an effective contribution is to be made to the establishment or further development of a professional exchange of experience in a powerful network of top performers, experts, executives and IBS students - as well as IBS alumni.

The Innovation Lounge has been successfully established as a new format in the curriculum of the MBA program and will continue on a monthly basis online and also on-site. We will report on the guest lectures, initiatives and networking projects within the framework of the "Innovation Lounge" on our IBS homepage.

Studierende im Seminar in Heiligkreuztal
Prof. Dr. Hohl (Bildmitte) mit MBA-Studierenden im Kloster Heiligkreuztal.

What drives tomorrow's leaders? - Coaching seminar "Leadership & Personality" at the Heiligkreuztal Monastery

As part of the module "Leadership and Human Resource Management", the MBA program "International Business Management" (IB) invites you to experience a unique weekend at the Heiligkreuztal Monastery. The former Cistercian monastery Heiligkreuztal, founded in 1227, has been creating an ideal setting for a study-integrated personality seminar. This coaching seminar "Leadership & Personality" was established there by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl and has been led by him ever since. In his "Leadership Workshop" as a subcompenent of the seminar, he also practices a "Coaching in the Team", dealing with situations from the students' everyday business life in a resource- and solution-oriented way.

Kloster Heiligkreuztal - ein geschützter Rahmen für herausfordernde Aufgaben

For the students of the part-time MBA program, the monastery offers an inspiring atmosphere for personal reflection and vision work as well as for team development. In addition to coaching situations from the students' everyday professional life, the weekend seminar also focuses on leadership and personality development. Among other things, topics such as personal assessment and self awareness, values and career anchors, personality preferences, behavioural styles as well as the "secret of inner strength" (resilience as a success factor) will be dealt with. Students will have the opportunity to get a personal consultation with Prof. Dr. Hohl on their own professional development. In addition, the coaching also focuses on the topic of "Assessment Centres" with practical exercises and feedback in the circle of participants.


"Through the seminar, I was able to learn a lot about my own and others' perceptions, how important feedback is for personal development and that innovative, appreciative leadership can make a difference. The Heiligkreuztal monastery was ideal for the seminar; it provided a protected setting for the challenging tasks and reflections, one could get to know fellow students better and the group dynamics were promoted by the intensive time together and the practice-oriented exercises." This is how Felix Tuchscherer, a student of the MBA IB program, describes the "monastic seminar". This makes coaching as part of the leadership module a good opportunity to put thinking and behavioural routines to the test as well as to strengthen personal competences and develop new options for action.

Individual coaching, in which students can work out solutions for their personal professional situation, is another important component of our MBA program. Whether it is about planning the next steps in their career, improving their self-marketing or their own positioning in the company - our experienced coaches offer professional support, which is specifically directed towards individual concerns and life situations.

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl

Meet our coaches

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl

  • Studies in economics and social sciences with doctorate (Dipl. oec./Dr. rer. pol.) in Augsburg and Munich
  • Postgraduate studies in Adult Education (University of Philosophy S. J. Munich) and Post Graduate Management Programme (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and University of Texas in Austin/USA)
  • Further education: Business Coaching, NLP, Scrum Master (
  • Consultant, coach, trainer and network coordinator (international) in the areas of management and corporate development. Industrial experience in leading HR functions at BMW, EADS and ZF. Publications on topics of human resources and corporate management.
  • Main areas of work as professor and lecturer: international and intercultural management, human resources management, leadership and coaching, change and innovation management, agile project management.

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

On the basis of a self-developed and published role and competence model of leadership, the coaching focuses on reflection and possibilities for action of the coachee in the future ("Fit for the Job"/"Fit for the Career"). At its core, it is about developing potential and increasing performance ("Coaching for Personal Excellence & Performance"):

  • personal assessment, challenges and goals
  • rethinking, changing / expanding one's own frame of reference
  • Strengthening thinking and acting in options
  • receive "clarification support" for current (leadership) situations in everyday professional life
  • improve personal impact on the basis of "self-image / external image comparison" (reduce the "blind spot" through feedback)
Simone Huhnen

Simone Huhnen

  • 20 years of professional experience in sales (B2C), both actively in field sales and in various management positions
  • Many years of experience and extensive expertise in the areas of personnel management, personnel development, sales management, budget and turnover responsibility, process optimisation. Conception, development and realisation of trainings; management of conferences and events, development of a new sales department
  • Business trainer and coach

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

The further development of one's own personality and the handling of challenging situations in everyday business life are the focus of coaching:

  • Personal development, change of role and self-marketing
  • Communication and dealing with conflicts
  • Motivation, appreciation and positive psychology
  • Leadership role and leadership responsibility
  • Dealing with opportunities, defining and achieving goals
  • Women in the business environment
Jutta Nübel

Dr Jutta Nübel

  • Doctor of Philosophy with specialisations in Sociology, Linguistics, Computer Science
  • 20 years as a manager with responsibility for 100 employees in six teams in America, Germany, India
  • 10 years as a representative of senior staff on a supervisory board 
  • Leadership & Diversity Management
  • Technical Communication
  • Systemic Business Coach - Certification KÖRBER Kommunikation, Steinbeis+Akademie

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

Solution-oriented, systemic support and counselling of (prospective) managers forms the basis of coaching:

  • Coaching on topics such as communication in business and career counselling for women.
  • "Get ready for the working environment of today and tomorrow".
  • Leadership Mindset - Diversity and Inclusion as Driver for Performance
  • Empowerment of women in (aspired) leadership positions
Thomas Steinmeier

Thomas Steinmeier

  • 25 years of experience in leading positions in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Responsibility for Key Account Management Hospital at Sanofi in Berlin
  • Main areas of expertise:  development and strategic integration of key account management in group structures, negotiation and contract management as well as product placements with the operative implementation in the market
  • Head of the European Center of Excellence: development of instruments for the implementation and optimisation of KAM structures in the European health care market (with KAM managers from 22 European countries)

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

The coaching serves, among other things, to accompany (prospective) managers into new positions as well as to advice on contract negotiations. In addition, the coaching focus is on sales, especially key account management:

  • First steps as a manager
  • Development from sales to strategic account management
  • Transfer from sales to key account manager
  • Negotiation skills and contract management
  • Creation of a team and a "team spirit
  • Interface management within the organisation

Contact & People

General contact details

Room B 007
On campus
Building B
Leibnizstr. 12
88250 Weingarten
Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
International Business Management & Sustainability
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten


Doris Mazzini

Secretariat Faculty Technology and Management
Master's program "International Business Management"
Doris Mazzini

Program Manager

Nayan Kadam M.Sc.

Research Associate; PhD student
Nayan Kadam

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

2B Marketing, Sales, Key account management, Industrial marketing, Strategic marketing management, Organzational behavior
Head of study program "International Business Management & Sustainability", International representative
Barbara Niersbach


Fabienne Damasch

Admission Office
English-speaking Bachelor's and Master's programs
Fabienne Damasch

Koordination Internationale Studienwoche

Ulrike Reck-Obert

Internship office Faculty Technology and Management
Member of the Faculty Council
Ulrike Reck-Obert

Examination office

Aylin Baur

Examination Office Faculty of Technology and Management, Student Service
Study programs BM, TE/PE, TM/TW, BEM, BPM, BWU, TMO
Aylin Baur


Marina Schneider

Admission Office
Faculty Technology and Management, Semester & Tuition Fees
Marina Schneider


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frank Ermark

Innovation and product management, Digitalization, Business development, Basic physics, Mathematics
Dean of studies master's program "Business Administration and Entrepreneurship"
Frank Ermark

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Materials management and logistics, Global distribution networks, International procurement
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Cornelia Neff

Controlling, Sales controlling, Advanced controlling with case studies, Cost and performance accounting, Financing, Business valuation
Cornelia Neff

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

2B Marketing, Sales, Key account management, Industrial marketing, Strategic marketing management, Organzational behavior
Head of study program "International Business Management & Sustainability", International representative
Barbara Niersbach

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Peter Philippi-Beck

International business administration, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & acquisitions

Prof. Dr. phil. Götz Walter

Business psychology, Consumer psychology, Change management, Scientific methods, Applied statistics
Professor Dr. Götz Walter

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wendorff

Jörg Wendorff

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Heike Willax

Finance, Planning, Controlling and Strategic Management
Vice dean, Faculty representative for quality and equality
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Heike Willax

Foreign representative

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

2B Marketing, Sales, Key account management, Industrial marketing, Strategic marketing management, Organzational behavior
Head of study program "International Business Management & Sustainability", International representative
Barbara Niersbach


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Materials management and logistics, Global distribution networks, International procurement
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen