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International Business Management

South India and all its facets

Gruppenfoto Studienwoche Indien ZF Technology Centre India
Business Talk im ZF Technology Centre India. Zu sehen: Dheepana Shree Balasubramanian Gandhi (1. von rechts), Sr. Engineering Manager Arunkumar Ramakrishnan (2. von rechts) und Vice President and Head Krishnaswamy Jambunathan (3. von rechts) .

The international study weeks are an integral part of the part-time MBA program International Business Management & Sustainability (IBS). This year, the trip went to Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. The city, with a population of around twelve million, is also known as "Cyberabad" due to its booming software industry. The second stop on the study trip was Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu in south-east India.

"The lectures on global corporate management, excursions to Indian and German companies and the permanent insights into the country's culture give our students a multifaceted picture of the Indian economy," says Dean of Studies Professor Dr. Barbara Niersbach. "The focus of the academic program of our trip was the exchange with lecturers and students at our partner university SRM University in Chennai," says Professor Dr. Eberhard Hohl, who initiated this partnership over twelve years ago together with Prof. Dr. Balasubramanian and Prof. Dr. Sethuraman and has continued to expand it over the years through exchange programs, guest lectures and the study weeks.

This year's trip enabled the students to meet executives from global companies such as ZF Technology Centre India, YS Hitech Secure Print and Sunbright Textiles India. They also visited the TV station TV18 Broadcast Limited, the WinVision Eye Clinic and the Keystone International School. At T-Hub, the largest innovation center for start-ups, the students learned about the cultural and structural particularities that need to be taken into account when founding a company in India. A cultural highlight of the trip was the trip to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only preserved temple complex in Mahabalipuram on the Bay of Bengal.

Finally, the RWU delegation also used the study week in South India to further develop the cooperation with SRM University. "Positive, respectful relationship building, trust, quickly turning words into action through concrete measures and discussions," is how the coordinator of the study week, Nayan Kadam, summarizes the success factors of an Indian-German business relationship. Representatives of the SRM university management will also pay a visit to RWU in Weingarten later this year.

"The study trip was not only academically enriching, but also a great intercultural adventure. Everyone is returning home with new knowledge, new impulses and unforgettable experiences," says IBS student Cyril Eyssautier.

Prof. Eberhard Hohl / Nayan Kadam / Alec Weber / Christoph Oldenkotte