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Press release

Award for family-friendly working and study conditions

RWU familiengerechte Hochschule 2024

RWU has been awarded the family-friendly university audit certificate. The certificate with distinction stands for the special recognition of many years of sustainable design of family-friendly working and study conditions and is considered a seal of quality for a strategically designed compatibility policy. RWU has held the family-friendly university award since 2015 and has now successfully completed its fourth audit.

10 years of family in focus

"We are entering the 10th year of family-friendliness, which is a great success for me. We have continuously expanded our services for students, staff and lecturers. A lot of positive feedback shows us that the topic is highly relevant for many," says Professor Dr. Jörg Wendorff, RWU's representative for the family-friendly university.

The family-friendly university audit of berufundfamilie Service GmbH is based on an initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. As a strategic management tool, the audit supports employers in sustainably shaping family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policies and family-friendly research and study conditions.

Compatibility for work and study

Family-friendly at RWU means compatibility of work and study with family responsibilities. The offers - such as special regulations in the study and examination regulations, mobile working, the care pilot or the parent-child office - are aimed at students and employees with children as well as those who care for relatives. "The topic of care will be a focus of the family-friendly university in the coming years," says Anja Wagner, Equal Opportunities Officer at RWU, "Children are already very present in the topic of family, but the compatibility of studying and working with care responsibilities needs even more attention."

To the offers of the family-friendly university