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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

BARBIE PODIUM NIGHT - Do we need Barbies?

Podiumsdiskussion Barbie
"Barbie"-Diskussionsrunde in ungewohnter Umgebung: Im Kinosaal der Linse.

On Monday evening, April 8, around 70 members of Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (RWU) flocked to the Linse cultural center in Weingarten to watch one of last year's blockbusters together: Barbie. The film screening was followed by a panel discussion in which the participants discussed, among other things, the status of professional equality for women in Germany.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science hosted the event. Dean and host Professor Dr. Bela Mutschler was delighted by the high level of interest. There was a lot of laughter during the film and some people thought aloud about the thought-provoking ideas presented there.

Dr. Anja Wagner, RWU's Gender Equality Officer, moderated the subsequent panel discussion and suggested: "Let's make the discussion less of a film review and instead talk about professional challenges for women!" With Heike Ewert, Managing Director of enerquinn GmbH in Weingarten, Prof. Dr. Anja Klimsa, Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing, and Sarah Erath, student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, she had the ideal discussion partners.

The guests shared their exciting perspectives on the topic with the audience. Although the panel agreed on many points, there was also controversy. Do we need "role models" like Barbie? Why are women still underrepresented in many areas of work and how can this be changed? What are the effects of growing up and socializing in a male-dominated professional world and culture? To what extent will the so-called "Generation Z" change gender roles?

"What is your definition of feminism?"

Following the panel discussion, the audience in the movie theater revived the debate with questions and comments: "How should we deal with toxic masculinity?" "Why are only the perspectives of women and men discussed and non-binary people - as is so often the case - not considered?" Sarah Erath found the appropriate closing words, which for her could also be an interpretation of the film: "Do away with preconceived role models and do what you enjoy!"

Barbie im Kinosaal

Alec Weber