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RWU-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Haag

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Haag

Electrical drive engineering, control engineering and mechatronics
Dean of Automotive Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Opening hours by arrangement
Room D 021
On campus
Building D
Leibnizstr. 9
88250 Weingarten
Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Haag
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten


Antony, P., Haag, A., Schildhauer, C. 2022. hybrid powertrains. In: Automotive engineering pocketbook. 30th ed. Springer Vieweg.
Haag, A. 2020. nonlinear interpolation method for data reduction of time series. Stuttgart symposium automotive and engine technology.
Haag, A. 2017. efficient concepts for hybrid powertrains. Dissertation. Springer Verlag.
Haag, A., Antony, P., Panik, F., Bargende, M. 2016. iterative refinement of state variables discretization in dynamic programming. Stuttgart symposium on automotive and engine technology.
Haag, A., Antony, P., Panik, F., Bargende, M. 2015. a comparison of varieties of powertrains for hybrid electric vehicles. Braunschweig symposium on hybrid and electric vehicles.
Haag, A. 2014. categorization of hybrid powertrain topologies. Day of the doctoral program. University of Stuttgart.


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