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Forming technology

Dennis Welge


The manufacture (production) of parts is, like many other mechanical engineering disciplines, very important. This includes both consumer goods and capital goods. How is it possible to manufacture parts at economic costs in a sustainable way? One area of expertise is "forming technology", the transformation of semi-finished products into workpieces. The sheet metal, for example, is formed into a car fender.

As a rule, modern products have innovative and efficient technologies for their manufacture.



The Laboratory for Forming Technology is used for a variety of purposes in research, teaching and technology transfer. An internship has been offered for more than 17 years and provides practical skills under constant improvement. Very good are the learning results of so-called "laboratory lectures" where the event takes place in the middle of the machines, tools and workpieces. With haptics as a learning element, one simply understands better and faster.


In addition to the traditional processes, research is being carried out in the forming technology laboratory on process development for the production of double-walled tubes. This includes applications for heated or cooled tubes as well as crash constructions in the front of passenger car bodies.

Technology transfer varies from case to case. On the one hand, local industry uses the machines and systems to incorporate tools or produce samples, for example. On the other hand, there are systematic investigations into the behaviour of the materials during forming. The metrological equipment is extensive and suitable for many applications. Both students and companies benefit from this type of cooperation. Various cutting methods round off the portfolio.

The laboratory equipment has been specifically selected to cover a wide range of forming applications. Five forming presses from 400 to 6300 kN press force with modern controls and metrological accessories are at the heart of the system. In addition, there are special machines and test benches, such as a bending part test bench and a clinching unit for clinching, i.e. the forming of sheet metal parts. The local industry is gratefully supporting these activities.

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