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"You deserve congratulations, but also thanks".

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Angelika Bosl

The graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Technology and Management took place on 16 June. 74 graduates were presented with their certificates, 53 of them with Bachelor's and 21 with Master's degrees.

On behalf of the city of Weingarten, Susanne Münz offered her congratulations: "We are proud that so many bright minds come to Weingarten. The university thus enriches the business location enormously. And it is very nice to see you all face to face again in the first celebration since the Corona crisis," said the deputy mayor.

"You have made an important contribution on the way back to normality".

The Vice Rector for Research, International Affairs and Transfer also picked up on the special circumstances under which the graduates had to master their studies: "The worst thing was to ban you from campus. We had to rule out our right to exist," said Professor Dr. Michael Pfeffer. "But you made it, in such a difficult time. And you have made an enormously important contribution, for example with the Welcome Back Party, on the way back to normality. So you deserve not only congratulations, but also special thanks."

In each degree programme, the best graduates were honoured. In the Bachelor's programmes, these were Marie-Therese Metzler (Industrial Engineering), Delia Zähringer (Business Administration and Management) and Markus Traut (Physical Engineering). And women also came out on top in the Master's programmes, with Selina Leser (Business Administration and Entrepreneurship), Patrizia Ruß (Technology Management and Optimisation) and Daniel Sauterleute (International Business Management & Sustainability) being honoured.

"Stay as you are, then nothing will stand in your way".

The Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Management, Professor Dr. Nils Hagen, asked about factors that made academic success possible - even under such adverse circumstances. He found them in the abilities to go one's own way, but also to integrate and network. "Curiosity, tenacity and the ability to network were the guarantors of your success and will continue to be so on your further career path," said Nils Hagen.

The prize of the Verfasste Studierendenschaft for particularly active students went to Marcel Hirsch. The award was presented by Asta representative Lukas Schärtel: "You steered the ship through the Corona period with the student council. And you made sure that there was life on campus again afterwards. You have moved a lot. Stay as you are and nothing will stand in your way," was the short and concise eulogy.

The evening was musically framed by the duo Heartcopy, consisting of Caroline Nachbaur (vocals) and Martin Sauter (guitar) from Ravensburg.

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Text: Christoph Oldenkotte