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Climate - We have it in our hands!

Klimawandel, Klimakrise, Handeln, erneuerbare Energien, z.B. Photovoltaik
Erneuerbare Energien, wie beispielsweise Photovoltaik zur Stromerzeugung, sind zentral für eine erfolgreiche Energiewende – weg von fossilen, emissionsreichen Brennstoffen, hin zu nachhaltgier Energieversorgung und einer klimafreundlichen Zukunft.
Stephen Yang / The Solutions Project

Weingarten - Climate change, climate crisis, action - these keywords are in the headlines almost daily. And they have an impact on our decisions. But what is actually the status quo when it comes to a sustainable future for humanity and a climate-friendly society? How has our society already changed? And how does it have to change in the future so that goals can be achieved?

That's what the Wednesday seminar on October 18th at RWU is all about. It's the kick-off event for the start of the 2023/2024 winter semester and as always, it's all about current knowledge from economy and science.

Professor Dr. Maike Sippel from HTWG Konstanz tries to give answers to these questions in her lecture "Climate - We have it in our hands!". In her talk, she comes to the conclusion that it is time to courageously take responsibility and actively shape the transformation towards a climate-friendly society.

Maike Sippel is Professor of Sustainable Economics at the HTWG Konstanz. She studied architecture and holds a PhD in economics. She is also a member of the German Club of Rome Society, a non-profit organization working for a sustainable future for humanity.


Wednesday Seminar at RWU: "Climate - It's in Our Hands!"
With: Prof. Dr. Maike Sippel
Wednesday, 18th October 2023

18:00 to 19:30

Online event: The seminar will take place online. On the day of the event, a link will be published on the RWU homepage ( that leads directly to the online seminar. A prior registration is not necessary.