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Start of studies at the RWU

Studis auf dem Campus.
Lassen Sie sich beraten von der Zentralen Studienberatung der der RWU: individuell, ausführlich, verschwiegen
Information about starting your studies
Studierende auf dem Campus

A warm welcome to the RWU

Let's go! The first days of study are exciting, with new experiences and impressions, but also full of question marks. What are the next steps? What will the first days of study bring? When will what be explained and who to adress?

On these pages you will find answers to the most urgent questions. Browse around a little and use all information channels. We wish you a good start to your studies and an exciting time at RWU!


Mittwochseminar Elektromobilität

Welcoming of the study programs on campus

Monday, October 4 to Wednesday, October 6

Each course of study is welcomed individually in the period from October 4th to 6th. When and where the greeting for your study program will take place can be found at the end of the page in the download area.

For all courses of study, teachers are introduced, explained how the individual timetables are created and how to register for lectures. In short: This date is very important for you, be sure to attend!


Menschen vor Poster

Online Fair: Institutions and initiatives of the RWU introduce themselves

The everyday life of our university is shaped by many people. At the online fair, the RWU institutions, such as our university management, the central student advisory service or the Seezeit student union, present themselves.

RWU thrives on the participation of its students. In order to help shaping the university, a large number of student initiatives have been founded. Students who get involved in the university have better career opportunities and the chance to think outside the box. Studies conducted by the state of Baden-Württemberg have also shown that students who are engaged at the university are more likely to successfully complete their studies.

From October 4th onwards, you will find the performances, the program of question times and further information here (register with your RWU account).




Where can I find help?

  • International Office
    Our International Office supporst all international students at RWU.
    Overview of help and consulting services at the RWU (page only in german)
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about studying at RWU.
  • Student Administration Office
    First point of contact for questions regarding the organization of studies.
  • Central Student Advisory Office
    The Central Student Advisory Service helps with questions about choosing a subject, perspectives, learning in general and many other aspects.
  • RZ-Serviceportal
    Questions about the IT services of RWU (from e-mail to LSF account).
  • Moodle und mehr
    Information about the study programs, instructions, tips and tricks about RWU's tools or the topics of learning, writing, presenting, etc.


Moodle is our learning management system: a website with courses, materials and exchange platforms for your events. In addition, Moodle is also where our online events such, as the RWU online fair, take place. Furthermore, you can find information about the courses of study as well as tutorials, tips and tricks for learning.

For Moodle you will need the RWU account that was sent to you by mail. The account name is usually made up of the initials and the student number.

You can get to Moodle under this link:
The link is also on the RWU-Homepage ( under the heading "get there faster".






Corona RWU

Dealing with Corona at the RWU

Corona will play a major role in the winter semester 2021/22. To help students keep track, RWU offers information on the following pages:

  • FAQ Corona: Here you will find all the important current regulations and information about the university. From compulsory masks in the university buildings to financial aids, the most important questions are answered here.
  • Corona-News: Here you can read current information from the rectorate.

Changes to existing regulations and news are also communicated to students via e-mail. Checking the university mail regularly is important, not only when it comes to Corona.


RWU is also starting this semester in Corona mode. Nevertheless, our campus tour video will give you an impression of your RWU.

Contact & People

General contact details

Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten

Zentrale Studienberatung

Für alle Fragen rund um das Studium

Isabel Heigle M.A.

Isabel Heigle

Studierenden Service

Fragen rund um die Studienorganisation. 

Kontakt und Öffnungszeiten

Marina Schneider

Marina Schneider