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Master Part-time / English
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International Business Management & Sustainability

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At a glance
Regular period
5 semesters
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Apply till 04/15
Apply till 11/15
University degree with a grade of 2.5; one year of professional practice; letter of application; English proficiency B2

NEW from summer semester 2025: Placement Semester!


Placement Semester Summer Semester 2025


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About the IBS program

The part-time master's program International Business Management & Sustainability (IBS) is a business administration program for graduates of business and non-business bachelor's programs with professional experience (degree: Master of Business Administration, MBA). It is designed for (future) managers and provides them with a comprehensive and in-depth portfolio of competencies, with the teaching of specialist knowledge in the field of "sustainability" being taken up in all modules. The overall objective of the program is to train managers for companies in business markets with an ecological, economic and social understanding of sustainability for future organizational and market requirements in an international context.

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"Sustainability, leadership and internationality" play an important role, as do current trends in the field of digitalization or innovation management. In five semesters, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and concrete skills in a wide range of areas. Thus, you will be prepared for your tasks in the international environment by competent lecturers with many years of practical experience. For your personal development you will be individually coached, which includes a two-day stay in a monastery close to the university. As a further special feature of the program, an international, non-European study trip is offered as well as the possibility of a "double degree".

Student in der Vorlesung.

Familiar, practical and professionally integrable - our strengths from over 10 years of experience

We focus on a compatibility of family, career and studies. Our courses are held at employee-friendly times, mainly on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. There are usually no events during school vacations. In addition, the university relies on intensive support from the study program management. With our study program concept, we want to promote studying in small groups (maximum 20 students per cohort), which allows you to study in a family environment. The concept also includes predominantly application-oriented forms of examination instead of written examinations and courses geared towards later use in the company.

Studierende in der Vorlesung.

New momentum for your career

As a university in a dynamic economic region, we would like to support you in your professional and personal development! With the part-time MBA program "International Business Management & Sustainability" we prepare you for your tasks in a globally operating company. Our graduates hold responsible positions in upper and middle management. Occupational and operational fields include divisional and departmental management, project and team management, executive management, business process management, and management consulting.

Interview with Thomas Fuss, graduate of the International Business Management program

Today, Thomas Fuss is a sales team leader at Rafi GmbH & Co. KG. In spring 2017, he completed his MBA in the part-time master's program in International Business Management. He tells us here what made him choose this course of study back then and what he thinks about it today.


download New Study and Examination Regulations International Business Management & Sustainability MBA - valid from SoSe24
§32 of the Study and Examination Regulations for the Master's programs - version of October 26th, 2023
§32 of the Study and Examination Regulations for the Master's programs - version of October 26th, 2023
pdf (105 kB)
download Aktuelle Zulassungs- und Auswahlsatzung der RWU für Masterstudiengänge - gültig ab WiSe24/25
Satzung der Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten über die Regelungen zum Hochschulzulassungs- und –auswahlverfahren für Masterstudiengänge vom 21. März 2024
Satzung der Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten über die Regelungen zum Hochschulzulassungs- und –auswahlverfahren für Masterstudiengänge vom 21. März 2024
pdf (193 kB)
All information at a glance!
pdf (5 MB)

Further information

Curriculum Preview

Download curriculum

The program takes place part-time over five semesters and concludes with the Master's thesis. The lectures are held in English. However, the master's thesis can be written in English or German.

The five-semester Master's program provides you with fundamental business, methodological and management skills. Fifteen modules are distributed among five focus areas:

  1. General Management
  2. Sustainability and value creation
  3. Leadership
  4. Processes and digitalization
  5. International Business

Our lecture times take into account the compatibility of work, free time and studies:

  • Fridays, 2 - 8 p.m. and
  • Saturdays, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

There are no lectures during vacation periods.


Applications for the summer semester are accepted from September 1st to November 15th, for the winter semester from February 2nd to April 15th.

Please note: The status of your application will be communicated to you electronically in the application portal. There will be no postal delivery.

Admission takes place in the winter semester and in the summer semester .

Admission requirements:

Prerequisite for admission is

1. a university degree with a professional qualification of at least 210 ECTS with an overall grade of at least 2.5

2. at least one year of professional practice in the corresponding field of work

3. a letter of application /motivation (1-2 pages)

4.proof of English language skills through alternatively

  1. An English language certificate at the level of at least B2,
  2. the completion of an English language module in the Bachelor's program with an overall grade of at least 2.5,
  3. examination of language skills in the course of a selection interview according to § 11 of the statutes or
  4. equivalent proof

The selection committee checks the suitability for the study program (yes/no) within the scope of a selection interview according to § 11 of the statutes.


The basis for the overall grade is the grade of the university degree. This grade can be improved by up to 0.4 in total but by a maximum of 0.8 in each case by:

  • the professional position attained, as well as the duration and nature of professional experience
  • the result of a selection interview

Complete information on admission requirements as well as information for applicants whose bachelor's degree comprises 180 ECTS can be found in the current admission regulations of the Master's degree program International Business Management & Sustainability.

The Master's degree can only be awarded if, including the previous studies, 300 ECTS-points have been achieved.

Gruppenfoto Studienwoche Indien ZF Technology Centre India

International Business Management

South India and all its facets

RWU MBA students gain a wide range of impressions in India. The international study week shows the economic dynamics of an up-and-coming country.

arr_right More

International Study Project Sweden

Project Study Week

Värmland, Sweden

As a part of the International Business Management & Sustainability (IBS) master program, 13 current and alumni RWU master students participated in the international study week in Värmland, Sweden.

arr_right More

Master IBS Studienwoche Vancouver

International Study Week 2022

International Study Week to Vancouver/Canada

International study weeks have been an integral part of the part-time MBA program for over 15 years. This year we went to Vancouver!

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The tuition fees for the entire course of study total EUR 14,900.

In addition to the tuition fees, there is a semester fee per semester. The semester contribution is €177.00 and is made up as follows:

Student union fee: € 90.50
Contribution to administrative costs: € 70.00
Student union fee: 16,50 €
Student ID card: 8,00 €
Total: 185,00 €

Payment terms

At the beginning of your studies you will receive a fee notice from the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, which contains the payment targets for the tuition fees (5 payment amounts).

1st semester - 2.980,00 EUR

2nd semester - 2.980,00 EUR

3rd semester - 2.980,00 EUR

4th semester - 2.980,00 EUR

5th semester - 2.980,00 EUR

Can the costs of the studies be deducted from taxes?

As a rule, you should be able to claim the costs as part of your tax return. In addition to tuition fees, you may also be able to claim travel expenses and professional literature as training costs. As a rule, the fee notice in conjunction with the enrollment certificate serves as proof for the certification at the tax office.


Subject to accreditation and Senate resolution (planned summer semester 2022) valid from winter semester 2022/23 onwards

Special features

Double Degree

Students have the opportunity to participate in a double degree agreement. The selection is made after application for a double degree study place by the chairperson of the examination board and the selection committee. The double degree agreement provides for semesters 3 and 4 to be carried out at the partner university. After successful completion of semesters 3 and 4 at the partner university as well as the master's thesis, which can also be done abroad after consultation with the chairperson of the examination committee, the graduate is awarded a double degree.


IBS has a partnership with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Vancouver offering students the option of a "double degree". The BCIT Global Leadership Program focuses on leadership with an approach that embraces diversity and inclusion.

The program is designed to provide a systematic understanding of global leadership by starting with a solid foundation of personal leadership skills, extending leadership theory to organizations, and then applying cultural intelligence to strategic leadership decision-making and implementation.

This program aims to enhance critical analysis skills, problem solving, effective team building, change management, and cross-cultural communication.

The BCIT program flyer is attached in the download section.

For admission to the "Double Degree" please contact the Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach ( ).


Study tour


For you as a future manager, it is not only important to grasp the management of a company in Germany. Many companies today are internationally networked and conduct their business on global markets. As an employee you have to face the following challenges: What is the culture of the country and which intercultural circumstances do I have to consider? What is happening in this foreign market and what is possible here? And how do I reach my international business partners with my product or service?

In the MBA program International Business Management & Sustainability we offer you an exciting insight into another country within or outside Europe. Our program is an interesting mix of business, culture and academic teaching. During the International Study Week, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with German and international companies in the target country. By visiting universities, you will also learn about teaching contents from the target country. A colorful cultural program with city tours, museum visits and culinary experiences rounds off our program. The goal of the International Study Week is to provide you with the competence to approach a new and perhaps unknown country skillfully and to act competently in it.

Our target countries include Canada, Hungary, Estonia, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, USA and India. We offer a travel date once a year. Each year we alternate between a European destination country and a non-European destination country. The International Study Week is led and organized by the International Representative of the Faculty of Technology and Management and Dean of Studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Niersbach. For the International Study Week you will receive a certificate with a list of the exact program points for your records.


Innovation Lounge

Dialog platform "Innovation Lounge" established as a complementary strategic program format in the part-time MBA program International Business Management & Sustainabilitiy (IBS).

At the start of the summer semester 2021, master students were invited to the first online "Innovation Lounge".

"From Idea to Innovation" was the title of the evening "Lounge" with H. Dr. Hans-Jürgen August, member of the senior management team of the technology company TTTech Group, headquartered in Vienna.

"We want to offer our MBA students, some of whom are already working as executives themselves, another opportunity to acquire future-ready skills that will help them in their personal development and professional careers. To this end, executives and consultants from various industries will report on their challenges and experiences in the Innovation Lounge," says Professor Dr. Eberhard Hohl, who developed the new format together with Dean of Studies Professor Dr. Barbara Niersbach.

Innovation as a strategic success factor in global competition

The purpose of the newly established dialog platform is, on the one hand, to provide supplementary information on current and future competencies required for the successful design of management, change and innovation processes in companies.

On the other hand, an effective contribution is to be made to the establishment or further development of a professional exchange of experience in a powerful network of top performers, experts, executives and IBS students - as well as IBS alumni.

The Innovation Lounge has proven to be a new format in the MBA program curriculum and will continue on a monthly basis online as well as on-site. We will report on the guest lectures, initiatives and networking projects within the "Innovation Lounge" on our IBS homepage.




Studierende im Seminar in Heiligkreuztal
Prof. Dr. Hohl (Bildmitte) mit MBA-Studierenden im Kloster Heiligkreuztal.

What makes tomorrow's managers tick?

Coaching Seminar "Leadership & Personality" at Heiligkreuztal Monastery

As part of the module "Behavioral Science & Leading Yourself", you will experience a weekend of a "special kind" at the Heiligkreuztal Monastery in the MBA program "International Business Management & Sustainability" (IBS). The former Cistercian monastery Heiligkreuztal, founded in 1227, has been creating an ideal setting for a study-integrated personality seminar as a conference center and, above all, as a place of reflection and retreat for over 10 years. This coaching seminar "Leadership and Personality" was established there by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl and has been led by him ever since. In his "Leadership Workshop", as a partial component of the seminar, he also practices "Coaching in the Team" in which situations from the students' everyday business life are dealt with in a resource and solution-oriented manner.

Kloster Heiligkreuztal - ein geschützter Rahmen für herausfordernde Aufgaben


For the target group of the part-time MBA program, the monastery offers an inspiring atmosphere for personal reflection and vision work as well as for team development. In addition to coaching situations from the students' everyday working lives, the weekend seminar will also focus on leadership and personality development. Among others, topics such as personal position determination and role clarification, values and career anchors, personality preferences, behavioral styles as well as the "secret of inner strength" (resilience as a success factor) will be addressed. Students will have the opportunity to have a personal consultation with Prof. Dr. Hohl on their own professional development. In addition, the coaching also focuses on the topic of "Assessment Center" with practical exercises and feedback in the circle of participants.



"Through the seminar, I was able to learn a lot about my own and others' perceptions, how important feedback is for personal development, and what constitutes innovative, appreciative leadership. The Heiligkreuztal monastery was ideal for the seminar; it provided a protected setting for the challenging tasks and reflections, one was able to get to know fellow students better, and the group dynamics were promoted by the intensive time spent together as well as the practice-oriented exercises." This is how Felix Tuchscherer, a student of the MBA program IBS, describes the "monastic seminar". This makes coaching as part of the leadership module a good opportunity to put thinking and behavioral routines to the test as well as to strengthen personal competencies and develop new options for action. Individual coaching, in which students can work out solutions for their personal professional situation, is another important component of our MBA program. Whether it's about planning the next career steps, improving self-marketing or positioning oneself in the company - our experienced coaches offer professional "clarification assistance" that is specifically directed at individual concerns and life situations.

These are our coaches

We introduce...

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hohl

  • Studies of economics and social sciences with doctorate (Dipl. oec./Dr. rer. pol.) in Augsburg and Munich
  • Complementary studies in Adult Education (University of Philosophy S. J. Munich) and Post Graduate Management Program (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and University of Texas in Austin/USA)
  • Advanced trainings: Business Coaching, NLP, Scrum Master (
  • Consultant, coach, trainer as well as network coordinator (international) in the areas of management and business development. Industrial experience in leading HR functions at BMW, EADS and ZF. Publications on topics of human resources and corporate management
  • Main areas of work as professor and lecturer: International and Intercultural Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership and Coaching, Change and Innovation Management, Agile Project Management

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

Based on a self-developed and published role and competency model of leadership, coaching focuses on reflection and possibilities for action of the coachee in the future ("Fit for the job"/"Fit for the career"). At its core, it is about potential development and performance enhancement ("Coaching for Personal Excellence & Performance"):

  • personal position determination, challenges and goals
  • rethinking, changing / expanding one's own frame of reference
  • strengthen thinking and acting in options
  • get "clarification help" on current (leadership) situations in everyday work life
  • Improve personal impact on the basis of "self-image / external image comparison" (reduce the "blind spot" through feedback)

Simone Huhnen

  • 20 years of professional experience in sales (B2C), both actively in the field and in various management positions
  • Many years of experience and extensive expertise in the areas of personnel management, personnel development, sales management, budget and sales responsibility, process optimization, conception, development and realization of trainings, management of conferences and events, development of a new sales department
  • Business trainer and coach
  • Topics and fields of action as a business coach

    The further development of one's own personality and the handling of challenging situations in everyday business life are the focus of coaching:

  • Personality development, role change and self-marketing
  • Communication and dealing with conflicts
  • Motivation, appreciation and positive psychology
  • Leadership role and leadership responsibility
  • Dealing with opportunities and setting and achieving goals
  • Women in the business environment
Jutta Nübel

Dr. Jutta Nübel

  • Doctor of Philosophy with majors in sociology, linguistics, computer science
  • 20 years of management with responsibility for 100 employees in six teams in America, Germany, India
  • 10 years as a representative of senior executives on a supervisory board
  • Leadership & Diversity Management
  • Technical Communication
  • Systemic Business Coach - Certification KÖRBER Kommunikation, Steinbeis+Akademie
  • Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

    Solution-oriented, systemic support and consulting for (prospective) executives forms the basis of coaching:

  • Coaching on topics such as communication in business and career counseling for women.
  • "Get fit for the working world of today and tomorrow".
  • Leadership Mindset - Diversity and Inclusion as Driver for Performance
  • Empowerment of women in (aspired) leadership positions
Thomas Steinmeier

Thomas Steinmeier

  • 25 years of experience in leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Responsibility of the Key Account Management Hospital at Sanofi in Berlin
  • Technical focus: among other things, the development and strategic integration of key account management in group structures, negotiation and contract management as well as product placements with the operative implementations in the market
  • Head of the European Center of Excellence: development of instruments for the implementation and optimization of KAM structures in the European healthcare market (with KAM managers from 22 European countries)

Topics and fields of action as a business coach:

Among other things, the coaching serves to accompany (prospective) managers into new positions as well as to advise on contract negotiations. In addition, the coaching focus is also on sales, especially key account management:

  • First steps as a manager

  • Development from sales to strategic account management
  • Transfer from sales to key account manager
  • Negotiation and contract management
  • Team design and creation of a "team spirit
  • Interface management within the organization


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Felss Group GmbH, Königsbach-Stein, Baden-Württemberg

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British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)Canada

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Contact & People

General contact details

Room B 007
On campus
Building B
Leibnizstr. 12
88250 Weingarten
Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
International Business Management & Sustainability
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten


Doris Mazzini

Sekretariat Fakultät Technologie und Management
Masterstudiengang "International Business Management & Sustainability"
Doris Mazzini

Study program consulting and coordination

Nayan Kadam M.Sc., M.A.

Strategic Development Manager/Doktorand
Nayan Kadam

Program Management

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

B2B Marketing, Vertrieb, Key Account Management, Industrial Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management, Organzational Behavior
Studiendekanin International Business Management & Sustainability (Master), Auslandsbeauftragte
Barbara Niersbach

Admissions Office

Coordination International Study Weeks

Ulrike Reck-Obert

Praktikantenamt Fakultät Technologie und Management
Internationale Studienwochen, Absolventenfeiern, Berufungsverfahren
Ulrike Reck-Obert

Examination Office

Jana Dittmann

Examination Office Faculty of Technology and Management, Student Service
Degree programs BM, TE/PE, TM/TW, BWU, IBS, TMO


Marina Schneider

Admissions Office, Student Administration Office
Faculty of Technology and Management, Fee Management
Marina Schneider


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frank Ermark

Innovations- und Produktmanagement; Digitalisierung; Business Development; Grundlagen Physik, Mathematik
Studiendekan Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Unternehmerisches Handeln
Frank Ermark

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Materialwirtschaft und Logistik, Globale Distributionsnetzwerke, Internationale Beschaffung
Dekan der Fakultät Technologie und Management
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Cornelia Neff

Controlling, Vertriebscontrolling, Advanced Controlling mit Fallstudien, Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung, Finanzierung, Unternehmensbewertung
Cornelia Neff

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

B2B Marketing, Vertrieb, Key Account Management, Industrial Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management, Organzational Behavior
Studiendekanin International Business Management & Sustainability (Master), Auslandsbeauftragte
Barbara Niersbach

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Peter Philippi-Beck

Internationale Betriebswirtschaft, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Acquisitions

Prof. Dr. phil. Götz Walter

Wirtschaftspsychologie, Change Management, Forschungsmethoden, Angewandte Statistik
Studiendekan Wirtschaftspsychologie (Bachelor)
Professor Dr. Götz Walter

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wendorff

Educational Science, Vocational Education.
Dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Health and Nursing, Senate Representative for University Didactics, Head of DRC-First Responder at RWU and PH, South America Representative.
Jörg Wendorff

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Heike Willax

Finanzwirtschaft, Planung, Controlling, Management Simulation und Strategisches Management
Studiendekanin Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Management (Bachelor), Prodekanin der Fakultät Technologie und Management
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Heike Willax

Foreign Representative

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Barbara Niersbach

B2B Marketing, Vertrieb, Key Account Management, Industrial Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management, Organzational Behavior
Studiendekanin International Business Management & Sustainability (Master), Auslandsbeauftragte
Barbara Niersbach


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen

Materialwirtschaft und Logistik, Globale Distributionsnetzwerke, Internationale Beschaffung
Dekan der Fakultät Technologie und Management
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Nils Hagen