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Staff meeting on the topics of "employee liability" and "discharge report

Building M

Lazarettstr. 5 88250 Weingarten Germany


The topic "Employee liability" explains when employees are generally liable for damage in the workplace and which principles apply.

As a rule, a "discharge report" is written information to the responsible management or the employer about working conditions which can lead to damage or endangerment to third parties, to employees, to the employer or to one's own person.

The following items are on the agenda:

approx. 10:00 a.m. Welcome by the staff councils
approx. 10:20am Lecture by Mr Michael Sütterle, GUV/FAKULTA (Trade Union Support Organisation of the DGB Trade Unions)
approx. 11:30am Questions of the audience on the topic
approx. 12:00h End

This staff meeting is intended for all employees, but can also be attended by professors.