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Why RWU?

Studying in Southern Baden-Württemberg

Lake Constance next door, the Alps on the horizon - an idyllic landscape within the holiday destination of Upper Swabia: RWU is a university of applied sciences located not only in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, but also one of the strongest economically. We offer a wide selection of degree programs, ranging from technology and business to social sciences.

We are a university for doers - active people who enjoy rolling up their sleeves. Everything here revolves around hands-on, real-world experience. Whether it's contacts on campus or in the business world, you will benefit from our networks as well as our many years of experience in both industry and teaching. The word "applied" isn't just in our name- it's part of our DNA.

Nearly 3,800 students from all over the world call RWU their home. Big enough that there's always something going on. Small enough that you are more than just a number here. RWU is a place where you will start new friendships that last a lifetime, discover passions you didn't know you had, and blossom into the person you were always meant to be. And if you ever feel the urge to see more of the world, our global partner universities located on every habitable continent on earth can offer you valuable experiences abroad.


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Testimonial Fabio

Make Friends for Life

"So much has happened since I started at the university. There's been a lot of upheaval, but like in a good way, looking back at it now. Things weren't always easy when I first started, but I found a lot of support really quickly. I've met just the best people here; I discovered a love for rock climbing and also made friends doing that. It's a very warm and friendly environment here and you can also get out into nature really easily. Everything is close by - like the Alps for snowboarding or just to go on vacation."

Fabio Bitzer
Business Informatics PLUS


Testimonial Michelle

Seize Opportunities

"I already had a college degree from before, but we were always in a classroom learning about these abstract theories and I felt like I was missing practical experience. Like how am I supposed to apply all this stuff I've learned when I go to work at a real company? That's why I decided to start working on a second degree at RWU. You get a lot more hands-on experience in class here. You practice using the techniques and tools that you learn about. I feel like I can actually apply the knowledge I get here. And that also motivates me to learn stuff on my own and go beyond the material provided by my professors. College shows you what career opportunities are out there but you have to actually try stuff out for yourself to get a feeling for what you want to do after graduation. Here at RWU, I can try things out on my own and find out where I want to go in life."

Michelle Rizzo
Technology Management

Testimonial Joshua

Succeed Together

"I had done an apprenticeship before I started at RWU. Going to college after that was a step in a very different direction but I wanted to do something more creative, professionally that is, and I was also just interested to see if university was something for me - move to a new city, meet new people, and experience something totally new. We spend most of our time in the Media Design program working on projects. Project work teaches you how to work as part of a team and how to assess your own strengths and weaknesses. How do I allocate my time? Do I bite off more than I can chew or am I not ambitious enough? By the end of the project, something cool always comes out of it. The best part of the semester for me is at the end when everyone sees everyone else's project and you get to show off what you've done."

Joshua Hemsuthipan
Digital Design


Testimonial Maren

Small Class Sizes

"I've learned how to be more organized and also how to motivate myself better. And I can always get help if I need it, whether from the student council or from the professors. It's usually easy to find someone you can talk to because the university isn't some big, bureaucratic labyrinth. I appreciate that. I think the location is great, with all the old buildings and the basilica. I feel like I have a good grip on what's going on here - not just where everything is located, but also personal connections on campus. You don't feel anonymous here and that also shows when you go to lectures. The class sizes are smaller. If you have a question, you're more likely to ask if you're in a small group than if you had to ask in front of 300 people in an auditorium."

Maren Fink
Business Administration and Management

Testimonial Aniket

International Campus

"When I first came to RWU a year and a half ago, two things stood out to me right away - all of the natural green spaces around Weingarten and the international atmosphere on campus. The people at RWU are open-minded and have a global perspective. There are students from so many different countries here and it creates a really cool environment. I'm always happy when I can meet people from different cultures. It feels like the students all stick together. Everyone supports each other and makes sure that no one gets left behind. It's a give and take type of thing here."

Aniket Singh
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Testimonial Patrick

Benefit from Experience

"The thing I like most about RWU is that it's like a big family. You can get to know everyone here if you want. And if you want to get involved, you can be a part of shaping the university. We have professors who are unbelievably committed, who are always willing to listen and offer help and advice. The different faculties here are home to some super talented people. And I really appreciate the competence and professional expertise because you benefit from that as a student. Our lecturers have real world professional experience, they're not just teaching us theories. That adds an enormous amount of value to the education you get here."

Patrick Saft
Automotive Engineering

Testimonial Saskia

Friendly Atmosphere

"It's always a challenge to meet new people when you move to a new place. I started at RWU during the pandemic but despite that I was still able to get to know some really great people. There's this group on campus called "kreaktiv" and it's basically like a corporate consulting firm but run by students. I joined my first semester and right from the beginning I felt at home there and it allowed me to make some friends. Getting involved in extracurricular stuff really helps me to learn something new every day, both professionally and personally. I'm able to get a feel for subjects and fields that aren't currently on my schedule. I don't think you have to go to the huge universities with the biggest names just to prove something. I think it's better when everything is a bit more personal and you see familiar faces around campus."

Saskia Teufel
Business Administration and Management

Testimonial Anton

Create Something New

"If you're looking for a space to experiment and develop as a person, you'll find it here. We have a student makerspace called HOME where you can create prototypes; it's all about using your imagination to build something new, to acquire knowledge, and to learn in your own way. Collaborating with other students at HOME has taught me things that I would never have been able to learn inside a classroom.  I've learned a lot about myself - what brings me joy; what really motivates me. I've learned to be open to new experiences and overcome my inhibitions. Then I realized during my internship semester that the lessons HOME has taught me can also be applied to my work life. Now I know that I want to get involved and take some risks, wherever I am."

Anton Gres
Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems

Testimonial Sarah

Collaborate with Industry Partners

"I wanted to go to a small university where you are more than just a number. I like this region, Lake Constance, and also how close you are to the mountains and the city of Ravensburg-Weingarten. It's not too big, not overwhelming, you can get everywhere easily by bike. At RWU we work together in groups a lot on practical projects and together with partners directly from the industry - it's all very closely tied to real-world business scenarios. The team approach is great and the direct feedback really fuels your self-confidence. There are also a lot of opportunities to think outside the box and broaden your horizons outside of class. I've learned a lot through my involvement with the Formula Student racing team. It's exciting to see the cars being built and to work on them. They gave me responsibilities almost as soon as I joined. There's a lot of passion and team spirit behind the whole thing."

Sarah Schmuttermair
Business Administration and

Campus Life
Studierende im Foyer.

Living and Studying in Southern Germany

Weingarten is located in Southern Baden-Württemberg, surrounded by the Alps, Lake Constance, and the Swabian Alb. The city of Ravensburg lies directly adjacent. Together, these two interlocking urban centers comprise a population of around 75,000 and are home to three universities. A total of 8,000 students help shape life in Ravensburg-Weingarten and it's easy to sense that youthful energy. Whether it's partying, nature, or culture, there's plenty to do for students. You can find an overview of cultural and recreational activities on the Student Life page.


Campus Groups and Organizations

Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IKI) projects provide great topics for students writing project papers and theses for their technical degree program but the IKI also offers you the chance to participate in interesting research outside of your major.

The RoboCup and the European Robotics League are the perfect playground for all those interested in artificial intelligence and robotics. This is where cutting-edge research intersects with sophisticated software and hardware development. And then there's the thrill of competing against teams from all over the world! The obstacle courses and tasks change every year but the general mission is always the same: create a robot that can manoeuvre demanding, changing environments and independently come up with intelligent solutions to any problem.

This year, our team SCC (Serious Cybernetic Corporation) even participated in the RoboCup World Championship and brought home a special award! We are looking for tech-savvy students to support our team with their software and/or hardware skills in upcoming competitions.

Have we piqued your interest or do you have any questions?

Then write an email to or visit our homepage

Working towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future starts with everyday life, which is why we are committed to being more environmentally friendly right here on our shared campus. Unfortunately, climate change and environmental pollution are very serious and difficult problems. But that doesn't mean that doing something about them can't be simple and fun!

We want to make life at RWU more environmentally friendly through various initiatives such as Campus Clean-Ups, workshops, a thrift clothing exchange, cargo bikes, and community gardens on campus. And we've also created a like-minded community and many friendships along the way.

If you are committed to environmental protection and sustainability or would like to get involved and this description has piqued your interest, just drop by and see what we're all about. We welcome creative minds of all kinds, regardless of how familiar you are with conservation & all that stuff. Everyone is welcome and every little step towards sustainability is an important one. We look forward to meeting you!

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H.O.M.E. is the makerspace at our university. We offer access to specialized tools which allow makers to turn their ideas into reality, but H.O.M.E. is also an open, collaborative environment where you can share your ideas with others. We are all about self-guided learning, exchanging competencies, and teaching each other a wide variety of skills: textiles, 3D printing, airbrushing, wood and metal working, electrical engineering, computer science, etc.

  • Meeting place for experts, hobbyists, and beginners
  • Tools and machines which few people have at home
  • Friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • Cross-faculty and freely accessible to all students

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Formula Student is one of the largest student organizations at the university. The Formula Student team designs and builds race cars, tests them, and then enters them into international competitions. The project is open to students from all majors and can serve as a stepping stone to future employment. Working in a team towards a common goal and taking responsibility for important assignments are some of the many things that make Formula Student Team Weingarten such a popular organization.

What else does Formula Student both foster and demand from its members?

  • International exchange
  • Team spirit
  • Creativity
  • Social skills
  • Passion

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The First Responders campus organization was founded in March of 2002. The group includes around 30 students, staff, and professors who are committed to making the RWU campus a safe place. The local emergency call center alerts us when a critical situation is in progress on or around the campus. After getting to the scene of the emergency, we provide qualified first aid until EMS personnel arrive. We average about 60 successful call-outs each year. In addition, we provide medical stand-by support for around 25 events per year, including student parties, sporting events, and graduation ceremonies.

Anyone can join and we offer a paramedic certification program. If you are already certified then you can jump into action as soon as you've registered with us. We train as a group every three weeks on average. A wide variety of practice scenarios help us to drill as well as expand our skills.

Our mission is to help people during emergencies. Another priority is to maintain a close-knit team of first responders, and we meet regularly for recreational activities and eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

Interested in saving lives on and around the university campus? Then stop by one of our info meetings or training sessions. We look forward to seeing you!

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We are a consulting firm run by the students at RWU and the Weingarten University of Education (PH). We have been successfully advising small, medium, and large companies across Southern Germany since 2001. Motivated and committed students from all different faculties have taken the opportunity to supplement the theory they learn in the classroom with practical experience gained within real companies.

We are able to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of a large network thanks to cooperation from university professors as well as membership in the Confederation of German Junior Enterprises (BDSU). We also support the professional development of our members, so that we can bring both individual expertise and our network to bear upon the projects which we take on.

Particularly during the Corona pandemic, we are focused more than ever on strengthening the social ties between our members, and we offer a lot of online activities. Game nights, organization meetings, and less formal get-togethers are all regular events on our calendar.

We are still working on plenty of current projects thanks to the wide scope of our collective expertise and a quick adaptation to the new circumstances created by COVID-19.

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The goal of the Rover2Mars team is to design and build a rover that is then entered into international competitions. A Mars rover is a motorized vehicle that can traverse difficult terrain and conduct missions in extreme environments. On Mars, a mobile rover has numerous advantages over stationary landers: it can explore more of the surface of the red planet, can be piloted remotely to various points of interest, and therefore can be deployed more flexibly.

Our mission is to build a rover that combines complex mechanical systems and advanced software design so that it is capable of both manual as well as autonomous movement and sample collection. Because of the current Corona situation, we don't know when the next competition will be held. But we will be ready when it does. Get in touch with us if you want to be a part of it too!



Already sure which RWU degree program is right for you? It only takes a few steps to fill out and submit your application. An overview of the application process, answers to the most frequently asked questions, and a direct link to the RWU application portal can be found on our applications page.

Not quite sure which of the programs you're interested in is really the one for you? Take advantage of our personalized, one-on-one student counseling. Our Central Student Advisory Office can help you schedule a private appointment.

Do you already have your eye on a particular degree program and have specific questions about it? Then subject-specific counseling is what you're looking for. Each degree program has its own student advisors. Sometimes they are other students, sometimes the deans, but all of them can give you an authentic impression of what it's like to be in that field.

Fragen über Fragen


A lot of questions come up during the application and enrollment process and in fact you'll likely have quite a few throughout the rest of your time at RWU as well. You are probably not the first person to ask most of these questions. You can often find the answers you're looking for in the FAQ on our homepage.

If you aren't able to find what you're looking for on the FAQ page, the good people at the Student Administration Office will be happy to help you. As the name implies, The Student Administration Office is responsible for all questions related to the administrative aspects of studying at RWU. This includes things like enrollment, examinations, credit transfers, applications, student aid (BaföG), and so on.

Student lacht.

Equal Opportunity at Education

We want you to reach your full potential at RWU. We want to accompany you on the path to doing so. We know that life circumstances are just as diverse as our students themselves. That's why equal opportunity is an important topic at RWU.

RWU is a certified family-friendly university. Special arrangements are in place to meet the needs of students who have children or other caregiving responsibilities. More info is available here.

Respect, diversity, and accommodating families are all part of our mission statement. We want to be a university where everyone can be at home, feel safe, and develop as individuals. It doesn't matter where you come from, what you believe, or whom you love.

If you ever feel discriminated against, please get in touch with the appropriate person. You can find contacts here.


Contact & People

General contact details

Opening hours The Student Administration Office can currently be reached via email or per telephone Monday through Thursday, 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 14:15, as well as Fridays from 9:00 - 12:00.
Admissions Office Telephone +49-751-501-9344
Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten

Student Advisory Service

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