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University Guide

This comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need for the 2019/2020 Winter Semester at RWU.

General Information about Studying

You can apply via the RWU online application portal:

You can learn more on the application portal site and also on our Applications website. More detailed information about program prerequisites can be found under the respective faculty.


Each degree program organizes their courses and internship semesters differently.

You will receive a class schedule well before the beginning of the lecture period each semester. Lectures can be scheduled to start as early as 8:00 AM and the last classes of the day end at 7:15 PM. There may also be days on which no class takes place; these are usually planned into the schedule so that students can study and learn independently.

You will begin to get information about studying at RWU as soon as you receive your letter of admission.

As soon as you have completed your online registration and submitted all documents and paid the fees on time, you will officially be enrolled as a student. You will then receive your certificate of enrollment and your student ID card.


Yes, you can receive credits for lectures taken at other faculties and/or from other universities. Please arrange an appointment with the head of your respective program as early as possible. Bring the following with you to this meeting:

1. An official transcript which documents your courses and grades from the previous institution.

2. A description of the courses for which you would like to transfer credits (the description from the previous institution's course catalog would be ideal).

3. A list of all the courses for which you would like to transfer credits.

4. The credit transfer form from the Student Administration Office (Downloads - "Anerkennung/Anrechnung von Studien- und Prüfungsleistungen").


Please note: In order for course credits to be transferred, the scope (ECTS) and content of the courses must correspond to the respective courses in your new degree program.

The SPO (Study and Examination Regulations or "Studien- und Prüfungsordnung" in German) describes the overall structure and individual guidelines pertinent to your degree program, and you should definitely make sure to read it. You will find your program's SPO on the LSF website under "My SPO" or in the Student Examination Office section of the Student Administration Office website.

Enrolled students can find the information they need for their studies in the RWU portals. The "Wegweiser" (directory) helps you find your way between the portals and explains which portal serves which purpose.

You can convert any remaining credit on your student ID card into cash at the RWU Dining Hall.

Some faculties provide information on the practical / internship semester in a separate Moodle course. If you do not find what you are looking for in Moodle, please contact your faculty secretariat or the practical office (Praxisamt) of your faculty.

On the pages of the International Office you will find information and contacts for studying abroad.

Information for students with children or special needs can be found here.

Bachelor's: 7 standard semesters + up to 3 additional semester as needed

Master's: 3 standard semesters + up to 3 additional semesters (applicable to all master's programs, with the exception of BEM, BPM, and SGM. These 3 master's programs formerly belonged to the AWW and have a study period of 5 standard semesters + up to 3 additional semesters)

If undergraduates find themselves at the end of the 10th semester or graduate students are at the end of the 6th or 8th semester and have yet to complete their program's graduation requirements, they may apply for an extension of the study period.

There is no official form for this; you must write a letter explaining and justifying your request for an extension. You can then submit the letter directly to the Student Examination Office. The Central Examination Board (ZPA) will make a decision regarding your request.

You can find this information on the academic calendar (listed under "Termine") as a PDF, or in the online academic calendar.

The Student Examination Office and the Admissions Office are open year round, even between semesters. You can find the daily hours on the Student Administration Office website. In the event that the Student Administration Office is closed, students can still communicate with them via email.


The failed exam is to be retaken within the following two semesters:

  • After a failed first attempt, you will be automatically registered for the second attempt in the consecutive semester. You may cancel the registration during the given exam registration and cancellation period.
  • The exam is to be taken within a two semester time period, at the latest.

No, you will only be automatically reregistered for exams belonging to your degree requirements. Please bear in mind though, that you are obliged to stick to any exam plan that has been predetermined in consultation with the dean of the degree program.

A doctor’s sick note is required if:

  • Due to illness you are unable to meet the two semester time period of retaking a failed exam
  • Due to illness you are unable to participate in part(s) or submit part(s) of an portfolio exam

This doctor’s certified note is to be submitted in its original form at the examination office within 14 days post relevant exam date.

In any other case, submitting a doctor’s excuse is optional, not mandatory.

In order to be granted with a third and final attempt, you must provide proof of consultation with the dean of the degree program prior to the start of the consecutive exam registration period. The written proof needs to be sent to the examination office.

Students from all faculties must contact the Admission Office if they need to postpone their internship semester.

The only exception to this rule applies to the degree program Social Work. Students in this degree program must fill out an application to modify their study program ("Antrag auf abweichendes Studium" in German) and submit it to the chairperson of the examination board.

No, you are not allowed to take any exams during an academic break.

Maternity leave, parental leave, pregnancy, and breaks taken due to other care-giving obligations are the only exceptions to this rule.

Yes, you must register for any work that requires credits according to your SPO.

You must fulfil all required exams from the first and second semester (maximally 10 Credits can be missing) by the end of your fourth or fifth semester (depending upon the degree program).

Failure to complete that will result in receiving an official letter ‘‘Verlust des Prüfungsanspruchs‘‘ (loss of right for conducting any further examinations).

In accordance to the RWU Corona regulations, if you were an actively enrolled student in the summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020/21, summer semester 2021, winter semester 2021/22, you are entitled to semester and deadline extensions up to a maximum of 3 semesters.

The registration can be completed online:

Zur Anmeldung der Abschlussarbeit

In any other cases, please contact the person in charge of your degree program at the examination office. This way you can receive all the required paperwork and will receive a detailed explanation of further registration proceedings.

Where can I submit my thesis and what must be included?

You should always hand in one printed copy for the first RWU examiner at the student examination office. If the second examiner is also RWU-based, then you should submit a second printed copy to the examination office as well. However, if the second examiner is external, from a company for example, then the second copy is to be submitted there.

The thesis can be submitted at the mailbox by the main administration building (H-building), or by Moodle if you belong to the student body of the faculty T. If you are not close to RWU, you may submit your thesis by postal services. If applicable, please scan the postal receipt and send to the respective administrator at the examination office. In this case, the date on the postal receipt counts as the submission date. Please also include one data storage medium as the digital form of your thesis.

Fill out and include the following forms when submitting your thesis to the student examination office:

  • Final Thesis Completion grading sheet ("Fertigstellung der Abschlussarbeit" in German)
  • Application for Deregistration ("Exmatrikulationsantrag" in German), completed including signatures from the University Library and Facility Management Office

You can find these forms under Downloads or in person at the Student Administration Office.

You should always hand in one copy to the Student Examination Office for the first examiner. If the second examiner is also from the university, then you should submit the second copy to the Student Examination Office as well. However, if the second examiner is external, from a company, for example, then deliver the second copy to them yourself.

Fill out and include the following forms when submitting your thesis to the Student Examination Office:

  • Final Thesis Completion ("Fertigstellung der Abschlussarbeit" in German)
  • Application for Deregistration ("Exmatrikulationsantrag" in German), complete with signatures from the University Library and Facility Management Office

You can find these forms under Downloads or in person at the Student Administration Office.

Per the SPO (study and examination regulations) the deadline for the bachelor's thesis may be extended by up to 4 weeks and the deadline of a master's thesis can be extended by up to 3 months.

You must submit a written request for an extension to the examination office. Please address your letter to your thesis examiner and the dean of the degree program. Please sign and date your letter and include any evidence supporting your reasons for an extension.