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Rebecca Otto
Petch Teaser Bild

The number of pets in German households is rising steadily. So are the offerings of digital solutions that simplify everyday life. Bringing pet placement to a digital level without losing the identity of the animal as a living being and family member is a challenge.

PETCH is a platform and web application that allows users to significantly simplify the animal search process. Searchers can filter animals and click through the results, just like in dating apps. If they are interested in an animal, they can call up a detail page and save the animal in their favorites and finally get in touch with the matchmaker.

The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marius Hofmeister and Prof. Jürgen Graef

Petch Tiervermittlung
Petch Tiervermittlung
Petch Tiervermittlung
Petch Tiervermittlung