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Robocup Team @Home League


Wouldn't that be nice: Enjoying a party with friends in the evening and the apartment tidies up all by itself overnight? At Robocup@Home you can help make this vision a reality!

Whether it's clearing the table, vacuuming, washing up or doing the laundry, everything is done by the friendly helper made of plastic and metal. The teams in the Robocup@Home are getting closer to this goal every year - even if there is still a lot of work to be done before the iRobot is finished.

The @Home league has been held in the Robocup since 2006. The goal: to create an assistant that can independently find intelligent solutions to any problem in environments with changing requirements - a task that even humans are sometimes overwhelmed by. The conditions for the competition are correspondingly demanding.

Every year there is a new playing field and different tasks. The teams only find out the final conditions for the competition arena and the objects that play a role in the tasks two days before the start of the competition. This prevents the robots from being adapted too much to the respective problems in advance.

Robocup@Home therefore takes a different approach to the soccer leagues: There, both the playing field and the tasks are precisely specified, but the very complex moves have to be dynamically adapted to the opponent's behavior. In the @Home league, on the other hand, the playing field corresponds to a small apartment with several rooms and random furnishings. The tasks are randomly generated in the advanced competition parts and may even contain errors that the robot must recognize independently. However, the individual actions are then - at least on the surface - simple and clearly defined, such as: "Find a bag of potato chips in the kitchen and take them to the table in the dining room".

More info on the @Home league:

Rulebook of the last championship:

RoboCup RWU-Team

Press release

RWU robotics team finishes at third place at the German Open

The RoboCup is the world's largest and most important competition for intelligent robots. Last April, the RWU team reached the third place at the German Open and is now preparing for the world championship.

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Software / Publications


All published software packages can be viewed at Further publications are planned and are currently under review.


All publications of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence can be found at


Roll low cost DIY intelligent walker

  • Platform Dietz TAiMA wheeled walker
  • Wheel hub Motors and Battery: From an ordinary 8 inch hoverboard
  • Motor controller: Odrive V3.5 from Odriverobotics ->
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • 3D Sensor: Orbbec Astra
  • IR Sensors: SHARP (2y0a02, 2y0a21, 0a41sk)

If you are interested, please contact Benjamin Kathan (


Become a sponsor?

If you would like to support our team financially or with material donations, please contact Benjamin Stähle at at any time.

Competition archive

Here you will find an excerpt of the competitions in which our teams have successfully participated:

RoboLab Team der RWU und zwei Roboter im Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz
Quelle: RWU

World Cup 2023 - Bordeaux

  • 8th place
  • Open Challange Award
ERL Oldenburg 2022

European Robotics League 2022 - Oldenburg

1st place

SCC 2021 WorldCup

World Cup 2021 - Virtual

  • 10th place
  • Best Poster Award
Robocup Team 2019
Robocup Team 2019
Quelle: Benjamin Staehle

German Open 2019 - Magdeburg

5th place

Robocup Team 2018
Robocup Team 2018
Quelle: Benjamin Staehle

German Open 2018 - Magdeburg

5th place

Robocup 2017
Team des Robocup 2017
Quelle: Benjamin Staehle

German Open 2017 - Magdeburg

5th place and participation in the final

Our robots

Here you will find our robots, which we have used at current and past competitions:



Tech Details:

  • Tiago by PAL Robotics
  • 7 DOF arm
  • Differential Drive
  • 1 PC


Tech Details:

  • Base: Neobotix MPO 700
  • Kinova JACO 6 DOF arm
  • 2 PCs


Tech Details:

  • Base: Pioneer
  • Katana 5 DOF arm
  • 2 PCs
Contact & People

General contact details

Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
Robocup Team @Home League
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten

Contact person

Benjamin Stähle M.Sc.

Robotik, Künstliche Intelligenz, Robocup, Lehre, Administration
Stellv. Leitung Institut für Künstliche Intelligenz, Wiss. / Akadem. Mitarbeiter
Benjamin Stähle