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Robocup Team @Home League



Just imagine: after partying with friends your appartment tidies itself during your sleep! At Robocup@Home you can be part of realising this dream!

Whether it´s vacuum cleaning, doing the dishes or the laundry, this little helper made from plastic and metall takes care of everything. Every year, the Robocup@Home teams come closer in achieving this goal – even if there´s some way to go until the iRobot..

The @Home League is part of the Robocup competition since 2006. The goal is to create an assistant who autonomously developes intelligent solutions to changing problems in a changing surrounding – something also humans sometimes have their difficulties with. The frameworks of the competition are appropriately demanding.

Every year, there is a new playing field and adjusted tasks. The teams will only hear about the exact framework of the conditions and the objects relevant for the tasks two days before the start of the competition in order to prevent the robots to be prepared and adjusted too much for the problem statement.

By doing so, Robocup@Home takes a different approach than the Soccer Leagues. There, the playing field and the tasks are very clear but the highly complex moves have to be adjusted dynamically to the play behaviour of the opponent. In contrast, the playing field of the @Home League is a small appartment with several rooms which are randomly furnished. The tasks are stochastically generated for the advanced competition rounds and they are even allowed to contain errors which should be detected by the robot autonomously. In exchange, the singular tasks which follow – at least superficially – are rather simple and clearly defined, such as: „Find a bag of crisps in the kitchen and bring it to the dining table“.

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Rulebook from the last tournament:

Software / Publications


All our published Software can be accessed at More releases are currently under review.


All our group's publications can be found here:


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Tournament History

Here you can find our tournament history of past robocup@Home Events

Robocup@Homte Team 2019

Germanopen 2019

Robocup@Home Team 2018

Germanopen 2018

Robocup@Home Team 2017

Germanopen 2017

Our Robots

Below you can find our current robots:


Servicerobot Kurt

Kurt is currently used in the research project ROBOTKOOP

Tech Details:

  • Tiago by PAL Robotics
  • 7 DOF arm
  • Differential Drive
  • 1 PC

Servicerobot Marvin

Marvin was developed during the AsRoBe research project.

Tech Details:

  • Base: Neobotix MPO 700
  • Kinova JACO 6 DOF arm
  • 2 PCs

Servicerobot Kate

Marvin was developed during the ZAFH Servicerobotik research project.

Tech Details:

  • Base: Pioneer
  • Katana 5 DOF arm
  • 2 PCs

Contact & People

General contact details

Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
Robocup Team @Home League
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten


Benjamin Stähle M.Sc.

Benjamin Stähle