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Otto Pfefferkorn
    Central Student Advisory Office

    Your time at RWU will include lots of wonderful moments and happy occasions. But sometimes you may find yourself confronting a challenge that requires a little help.

    Studierende im Foyer.

    Common Counseling Topics

    The Central Student Advisory Office (abbreviated as ZSB in German) is there to accompany and support you throughout your time at RWU. The goal of a counselling session is to find solutions that fit you and your situation and to help you thrive as a student and as a person.

    Reasons why students commonly schedule counselling include but are not limited to:

    • stress and burnout
    • health problems
    • desire to change majors or schools
    • difficulties with studying or test-taking
    • in danger of failing out
    • deciding between beginning career or starting a master's program
    • ...and many other issues

    What Type of Counselling Does the Central Student Advisory Office Provide?

    You can receive counselling over the phone by appointment only at the moment. Open office hours are not currently being held. 

    The best way to schedule an appointment with the Central Student Advisory Office is to write an email to Calling the office to schedule an appointment is no longer possible unfortunately, as all of the employees are working from home at this time.

    Counselling at the Central Student Advisory Office is always strictly confidential and also anonymous upon request. You can schedule multiple appointments at a time for more complicated issues. The advice is independent, voluntary, and impartial. When it comes to counselling, the focus is on you.


    Registering for Exams

    You can register for exams on MyCampus (LSF). You can register and deregister for both elective and compulsory course exams on the "Prüfungsan- und abmeldung" page by selecting a subject from the list. If you can't find a particular subject on the list, please register it using the QM Portal, which is linked on the "Prüfungsan- und abmeldung" page.

    You can see the exam registration start and deadline on the academic calendar.

    Exam Deregistration

    You can deregister for an exam on MyCampus (LSF) as well if you decide that you do not want to take the test. Deregistration is no longer required as of the 2020 Summer Semester. If you do not attend the first attempt of an exam, it will no longer be counted against you as a failed attempt. 


    • You can no longer deregister from a portfolio evaluation.
    • Exams may not be taken during an internship semester except for second or third attempts.
    • Second and third attempts do not have to be taken in the semester immediately following, but can be postponed to the second semester after the failed attempt.

    Failure to Attend an Exam

    If you are unable to take one of the exams you have registered for, you may simply take it the following semester. There is no need to deregister or report to the Student Examination Office.

    If it is a written, oral, or practical test, please inform the lecturer of the class of your absence.

    If, due to illness, you are unable to attend a second or third attempt which has already been postponed by a semester, consult a physician and obtain a doctor's note excusing you from the respective examination. Hand in your doctor's note to the Student Examination Office within 2 weeks. In order to make it easier for the Student Examination Office to process your doctor's note, please include your student ID number, your degree program (abbreviated), and the examination you were unable to attend.


    Your grades will be available on MyCampus (LSF) as soon as the testing period has ended and your evaluator has submitted them.

    Failed Exams

    You will automatically be re-registered for any failed exam the following semester. A grade of 4.0 or better is required to pass.

    If you fail the exam for a second time, you will then need to sit down for a consultation with a student advisor or academic dean. You will receive a certificate after the meeting which you must then present to the Student Examination Office, otherwise you will lost the right to retake the exam and will be deregistered from the university.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Student Examination Office at the Student Administration Office.

    Re-registration & Leave of Absence


    You must re-register before each new semester in order to continue your studies. Doing so by the deadline allows you to retain your student status and remain enrolled at the university. A reminder about the re-registration period will be sent to your university email address every semester. You can also look up the start and end of the re-registration period on our academic calendar.

    Re-registering on MyCampus (LSF)

    You can re-register by logging into MyCampus (LSF) and clicking on "Bezahlen & Rückmelden". You will need to pay the semester fee and (if applicable) tuition to complete the re-registration. Bear in mind that the deadline for re-registration and the deadline for paying semester fees and tuition may differ. You will receive an itemized fee notification with more detailed information.

    Leave of Absence

    Students can apply for a leave of absence, for example in the event of a prolonged illness. To do so, fill out the application for a leave of absence and submit it to the Admissions Office as far in advance of the upcoming semester as possible and before the start of the lecture period. You can find the application for a leave of absence under "Downloads" on the Student Administration Office website or pick it up in person at the Student Administration Office in the H-Building.

    If you have any further questions, please contact the Admissions Office at the Student Administration Office.


    Transferring to RWU

    To transfer to RWU, simply apply to the degree program at the faculty where you would like to study before the application deadline. The credits you have already earned in this subject will be transferred when you enroll at RWU. Please enclose a transcript with your grades from your former school. A certificate of enrollment from your current university is also required.

    If you would like to continue to major in the same subject as you did at your previous university, please apply for the subsequent semester at our university. For example, if you have already studied at another university for 2 semesters, you should now apply for the 3rd semester at RWU.

    If you would like to change degree programs, please apply for the first semester just as you would if applying to begin college for the first time. Once you are enrolled, you can transfer applicable credits from your previous major and school. You can find the relevant form under "Downloads" on the Student Administration Office website.

    Changing Majors

    If you are already a student at RWU and would like to switch to a new degree program, simply apply to the new program by the application deadline along with all pf the required supporting documents such as a transcript (a simple, uncertified copy is fine). The Admissions Office and the Student Examinations Office will take care of the rest.


    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.

    Internships & Career

    Internship Semester

    An internship is a required component of every bachelor's program. It comprises a whole semester (half a year) or, in other words, 95 days of attendance. The internship is completed at an institution or company in or related to your chosen field.

    You will find all the necessary information in the general study and examination regulations under §5 Mandatory Internship Semester. Please also check whether the examination regulations of your particular degree program contain additional internship requirements or guidelines.

    You can find contact info for the Internship Office under "Contact and Persons" on your respective faculty's website.

    Starting Your Career

    Take advantage of our Career Service to lay the foundation for a successful start to your career while you are still studying. The Career Service acts as a bridge between the university and industry and offers you professional advice on all things related to applying for a job.

    Further Education at RWU

    Would you like to deepen your expertise after completing your bachelor's or master's degree or continue your education in other fields?

    The Academy for Further Education (AWW) offers a variety of subjects and seminars in addition to part-time master's courses.


    Students deregister for many different reasons- the best one is that they've completed all their degree requirements and have graduated.

    But not re-registering before the start of a new semester, failing an exam too many times, missing essential documents (e.g. proof of health insurance), exceeding the semester limit, or changing universities can also all be reasons why students deregister from RWU.


    When you go to the Student Administration Office to apply to turn in your final thesis (bachelor's or master's), you will not only receive the application for submission of the thesis, but three additional forms as well. One is a form that must to be turned in along with the thesis. This form should bear the final title of the thesis, which will then also be included on your transcript. There is also an alumni questionnaire, and lastly, an application for deregistration.

    These forms can also be downloaded directly from the Student Administration Office website.

    Filling out the Application for Deregistration

    Start by filling out the first section.

    The date of deregistration ("Ich beende am ___ mein Studium [...]") can be calculated as follows:

    • End of semester: the advantage of deregistering at the end of the semester (August 31st for the summer semester and February 28th for the winter semester), is that you can keep your student ID card and student health insurance for as long as possible (recommended)
    • Completion of last requirement: You will be deregistered as soon as you have completed your last assignment and must surrender your student ID card on this date. You can no longer be insured as a student, but you can apply for a refund of tuition and fees, provided the date of deregistration is within the first four weeks after the start of the lecture period.

    Don't forget to date and sign.

    Please also indicate on the application whether you would like to have your diploma and other documents sent to you or if you would like to pick them up in person. They can still be sent to you even if you are not sure of your future address as long as you include your email address on the deregistration application so that you can be notified when the documents are ready.

    Please have the following departments sign the back of the application:

    • University Library (certifying that you have no current loans and no outstanding fines)
    • Facility Management (certifying that you are not in the possession of keys to the university premises)

    Any remaining fields will be filled out by the Admissions Office and the Student Examination Office.

    Submit or send the completed application to the Student Administration Office before the semester reregistration deadline if possible. 

    Other Reasons

    You will still need to fill out the de-registration application regardless of the reason for leaving. You will need proof of deregistration for the employment office or when applying to another university.

    Please start by filling out the first section of this application. Please mark the reason for your deregistration and do not forget to date and sign at the end of the initial section.

    If you have any further questions regarding deregistration, please contact the Admissions Office at the Student Administration Office.

    Contact & People

    General contact details

    Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    University of Applied Sciences
    P.O. Box 30 22
    88216 Weingarten

    Central Student Advisory Office

    Isabel Heigle M.A.

    Zentrale Studienberatung
    Isabel Heigle

    Student Examination Office

    For questions related to testing and exams.

    Aylin Baur

    Prüfungsamt Fakultät Technologie und Management, Studierenden-Service
    Studiengänge BM, TE/PE, TM/TW, BEM, BPM, BWU, TMO
    Aylin Baur

    Yasemin Ercan

    Prüfungsamt Fakultäten Soziale Arbeit, Gesundheit und Pflege / Elektrotechnik und Informatik, Studierenden-Service
    Studiengänge AP, GÖ, MD, PF, S, AGM, ASM/STM, SGM

    Monika Huber

    Prüfungsamt Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik, Studierenden-Service
    Studiengänge IO, EP/IP, WB, WP, EMM, IN, MM, MW/DBM
    Monika Huber

    Irma Krasovec B.A.

    Prüfungsamt Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik, Studierenden-Service
    Studiengänge AI, EM, EI
    Krasovec, Irma

    Anja Mayr

    Prüfungsamt Fakultät Maschinenbau, Studierenden-Service
    Studiengänge EU, FT, FP, M, PEM, UVM

    Admissions Office

    For questions pertaining to reregistration, a leave of absence, deregistration, or to administrative issues related to a transfer or internship semester.

    Fabienne Damasch

    Zulassungsamt/Admission Office, Studierenden-Service
    Betreuung englischsprachiger Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge/Supervision of English-speaking Bachelor's and Master's programs
    Fabienne Damasch

    Sandra Gmeinder

    Zulassungsamt, Studierenden-Service
    Fakultät Maschinenbau und Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik
    Sandra Gmeinder

    Lucia Mengis

    Zulassungsamt, Studierenden-Service
    Fakultät Maschinenbau und Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik
    Lucia Mengis

    Marina Schneider

    Zulassungsamt, Studierenden-Service, Studiengebühren
    Fakultät Technologie und Management, Gebührenmanagement
    Marina Schneider

    Kim Warneck B.A.

    Zulassungsamt, Studierendenservice
    Fakultät Soziale Arbeit, Gesundheit und Pflege
    Warneck, Kim