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Press release

RollOut of the Formula Student Team Weingarten for the season 2024

FSTW RollOut 2024 Teamfoto mit Stinger24E
Das FSTW beim RollOut gemeinsam mit dem neuen Rennwagen "Stinger24E"

Weingarten - The Formula Student Team Weingarten welcomed the numerous guests at this year's RollOut with snacks and drinks. Team members Andreas Mayer and Sara Klink hosted the event, which was all about the newly manufactured and fully electric "Stinger 24E".

In 2024, lightweight construction and vehicle weight reduction will continue to be the main focus of the RWU Formula Student Team. To achieve this goal, the team designed a completely new monocoque for their racing car, which now weighs less than 20 kg. In addition, some changes were made to continue to comply with the official Formula Student regulations, such as a new anti-intrusion plate. The weight of the car has also been further reduced with the new, smaller radiators. The car's new carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) rims, which were manufactured in-house, are a particular highlight.

"The dynamism of the young people is unique," says Professor Dr. Thomas Glogowski, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. For him, it is clear that RWU is definitely the winner with this team. Professor Dr. Ralf Stetter, member of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, reported on the history of the Formula Student Team Weingarten.

Hubert Ruff from Gebhardt Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH Baienfurt, the team's main sponsor, would never have thought that the difference between the Formula Student laboratory and his workshop would be so small and that the originally short-term collaboration would develop into real friendships and a nine-year cooperation.

Shortly before the new car for the 2024 season was presented, the audience was given a look back at the event summer of 2023. Last year, the RWU team traveled to the Czech Republic, Croatia and the legendary Hockenheimring in three consecutive weeks. In the Czech Republic, the team took first place in the "Cost Report" discipline.

Grazia Rallo, team leader of the Formula Student Team Weingarten, concluded by reminding the audience what actually makes a team. Without the team spirit, she mentioned, the construction of the new "Stinger 24E" would not have been possible. The team's third all-electric racing car will now be heading to races in the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Croatia this summer.

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Text: Alec Weber
Photos: Christoph Oldenkotte