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Family - a complex coordination task

Mittwochseminar Doing Family

Actually, everyone knows about families. After all, just about everyone grew up in a family or started one themselves. But what does science have to say about the current situation of families?

On the one hand, science is using large data sets to illuminate the more diverse forms of cohabitation and the economic conditions of family life. On the other hand, it is now also focusing its observation instruments on the everyday life of family people which encompasses many things: Raising children, doing laundry and arranging parties, caring for elderly family members, taking out insurance policies and making good use of new media. Today, this "doing family" is complex and primarily involves coordination and synchronization tasks.

In his lecture, Andreas Lange argues that family today is not a matter of course, but an achievement of its own kind which not infrequently leads to states of exhaustion. He also shows why this achievement has long been kept under the radar of social attention - and who is to blame for this. Finally, there is an optimistic look into the sociological crystal ball: How will the family look and live in 2035?

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange, born in 1960 in Überlingen, studied sociology and psychology at the University of Constance. In 1993, he received his doctorate with a thesis on child life in rural areas. Since 2007, he has been co-editor of the Journal for the Sociology of Education and Socialization. Since October 2010, Andreas Lange has been professor of sociology in the fields of social work, health and care at RWU.

May 24, 2023, 6:00 p.m.
Mittwochseminar at RWU: "Why family can no longer be taken for granted today - and why we are sliding into a reproductive crisis."

With: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange
RWU Building C, Room C 004 (Leibnizstr. 11, 88250 Weingarten)
Admission is free

The event can also be followed online.
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