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Exchange with Cherasco

"Networking with people from all over the world"

Stadt Cherasco

In June, the RWU received guests from Italy. Sergio Barbero travelled to Upper Swabia from the small town of Cherasco, south of Turin. He is the organiser of the literature event "Cherasco Storia". At RWU, he had an appointment with Professor Dr Michael Pfeffer, Prorector for Research, International Affairs and Transfer, and with Natalia De Pascale Speck, Head of the CLIC Language Centre at RWU.

Contact between RWU and Cherasco had been established in previous years through the regular participation of student groups in the Cherasco Storia event. RWU was again represented by a delegation of seven in the early summer of 2023. "For us, the event is a wonderful opportunity to deepen language skills with the students of the Italian courses through reading," says Italian-born Natalia De Pascale Speck. "They also learn about the economic context of Piedmont and experience Italian culture."

History as a fundamental discipline of living together

Students will meet authors at the two-day event. In 1997, the international prize "Cherasco Storia" was created with the aim of highlighting history as a fundamental discipline of any civilised coexistence and to promote a passion for the study of history among young people.

This year's winner is Maurice Sartre with his book "The Ship of Palmyra". Sartre is one of the most important French historians of antiquity. The RWU students spoke with him about communication in antiquity and today. In addition to RWU, the Catholic University of Budapest, the Catholic University of Milan, Harvard University, the Sorbonne University of Paris, the Scuola Normale of Pisa, the University of Beijing and numerous schools from the Piedmont region were represented in Cherasco.

Contact with companies in the region

In addition to discussions with authors, "Chrasco Storia" always offers contact with numerous companies in the region. Thus, the RWU students were able to listen to presentations by large companies, in which the view of history was also the unifying element. On Saturday afternoon, a visit to BRC Gas Equipment was on the agenda. The company is part of Westport Fuel Systems Italia and is a leader in the manufacture and marketing of natural gas and LPG components and systems for use in vehicles.

"The tour of the centre for research and development at Westport Fuel Systems was a highlight. We were able to expand our knowledge about hydrogen," said the RWU students. In general, the participants were enthusiastic about the visit to Piedmont: "We especially liked the presentation of the books and the evenings where we could network with people from all over the world. We got to know different cultures and could enjoy the delicious Italian food."

Competence and professionalism

The head of RWU's Language Centre and tour leader of the Cherasco delegation echoed the positive conclusion: "Every year, our students have the opportunity to reflect on historical and contemporary issues, to learn about the stories and managers of Piedmontese companies, and to immerse themselves in the culinary and wine-growing culture of the region thanks to the hospitality of the city," said Natalia De Pascale Speck

And the return visit of the Italian guests to RWU was also well received. Sergio Barbero was able to get an idea of RWU and the campus. During a guided tour of Weingarten, he visited the basilica and discussed the history of the Guelphs. "RWU conveys competence and professionalism," said Sergio Barbero, "and the region exudes a pleasant calm." For Cherasco Storia 2024, Barbero said, the RWU is of course cordially invited again.

Natalia De Pascale Speck / Christoph Oldenkotte