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Counseling & Assistance


Emergency numbers in cases of acute danger: 110 (police) or 112 (fire brigade / rescue service); from University telephones, dial 0-110 or 0-112, respectively.

This page gives you the institutions and people you can contact in crisis situations and on personal matters.

For information on student counseling, click here, and for information on First Aid here.

You will find the RWU institutions available for advice and assistance in other university-related situations under Institutions (filter: service).

Contact points for students

Psychotherapeutic counseling service

In the event of difficulties or problems with your studies or your social environment, the Psychotherapeutic Counseling Service of the student services organization Seezeit is always there for you. Counseling is free of charge and confidential. For an appointment, email or call

Contact person for anti-discrimination

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wendorff:, phone 0751 501-9462

Contact persons for victims of sexual harassment and violence

Prof. Dr. Anja Klimsa:, phone 0751 501-9472

Prof. Dr. Jörg Wendorff:, phone 0751 501-9462

Commissioner for matters relating to students with disabilities

Prof. Dr. Annerose Siebert:, phone 0751 501-9468

Equal opportunities officer

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mauser:, phone 0751 501-9740, see Gender Equality & Diversity

Contact person for students with children

Christine Lauer:, phone 0751 501-9659, see Family-Friendly University

Contact points for staff members

Complaints – Peer mediators

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt:, phone 0751 501-9813

Fabienne Ronssin:, phone 0751 501-9589

Representative for staff with disabilities

Holger Angerer:, phone 0751 501-9707, -9606, -9718

Equal opportunities officer

Melanie Arsene:, phone 0751 501-9537

(responsible for the non-scientific staff; the equal opportunities officer listed in the contact points for students above is responsible for the academic staff)

Contact person for staff members with children

Christine Lauer:, phone 0751 501-9659, see Family-Friendly University

External contact points

U25 Volonteers providing peer advice by email

Telefonseelsorge Telephone counseling

Instahelp Psychological online counseling (fee required)

Weißer Ring Ravensburg: Support for victims of violence

Brennessel Ravensburg: Support for victims of sexual abuse

Hilfetelefon Violence against women support hotline: 08000 116 016 

Frauen und Kinder in Not Ravensburg: Women’s refuge and counseling service

Suchtberatung Addiction counseling by Caritas Bodensee-Oberschwaben

Wegweiser Selbsthilfenetzwerk Guide on self-help organizations in the Ravensburg district