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Name, Teaching Area/Activity Contact
Library Management
  • Building F (University Library)
  • Room F 208
Research associate at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, project management in the ERTRAG and ROBOTKOOP projects
  • Building E
  • Room E 102
Research fellow
Doctoral Candidate
  • Building B
  • Room B 009
Foreign languages (CLIC), Japanese
Laboratory Master Electric Drives & Controls as well as Control and Process Engineering
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 062 / H 063 / H240
Software engineering, web engineering, cloud computing, information security and secure systems, IT management and IT strategy
Information Security Officer
Office of the Bachelor of Social Work
Technical employee
Administrative employee in the technical operations office
Equal Opportunity Officer and First Aider
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 042
Technical operation
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 60
Technischer Angestellter Rechenzentrum
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 204
Materials testing, metrology
  • Building L
  • Room L 006
ERP Systems, Cloud Computing & Data Science
Library representative of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Building M
  • Room M 210
Control engineering, process engineering, mathematical methods
Head of Study Program Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems (Master), Head of the Control and Process Technology Laboratory
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 219
Research Assistant for Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.), Media Design (B.Sc.)
  • Building T
  • Room T 007
Vehicle design, lightweight construction and alternative drives
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 120
Marketing employee university didactics.
Employee in the SPEND project.
  • Building H (main building)
  • Room H 039/1
Manufacturing Technology
Machining technology and control technology for machine tools
  • Building D
  • Room D 023 / D 032 / D 03
Chemistry/Physical Chemistry, Environmental Analysis
Dean of Studies Environmental and Process Engineering (Master)
  • Building N (Natural Science Centre)
  • Room N 2.34