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Measuring and control technology

Studierende arbeiten am Motorrad.


In the laboratory for measuring and control technology, there are still common stand-alone measuring instruments as well as complex PC-based systems for measuring pressure, temperature, force, vibrations and other technical and physical parameters. PC technology in particular allows simple measurement tasks to be quickly extended to control engineering applications.

The students acquire the necessary measurement and control fundamentals in the corresponding practical course. In project work, some of which is also carried out on an interdisciplinary basis or across faculty boundaries, the knowledge is successively expanded and thus a practical problem solution is learned.

Examples of projects in the laboratory:

  • Conversion of a motorcycle into an e-bike (Prof. Engelhardt)
  • Development of a motorcycle roller dynamometer (Prof. Engelhardt)
  • 4-ram system for vibration analysis of model vehicles (Prof. Engelhardt)
  • Bicycle suspension fork test stand (Prof. Engelhardt)
  • Study on the wheel effect of motorboats (Prof. Kaufmann)
  • Development and optimization of a Segway (Prof. Till)


various sensors for pressure, temperature, flow and vibration measurement (up to 20000 g) are available. In addition to classical measuring instruments and sensors, which are used to explain the functional principles, modern PC-based systems are also available.

The more complex systems include, among others

  • a vibration measuring station for ICP and charge sensors as well as strain gages
  • a practical industrial vibration measuring instrument
  • Impulse hammer and shaker for vibration excitation
  • Laser vibrometer for non-contact vibration measurement
  • various measuring amplifiers and DAQ devices
  • Vibration isolated tables

Microcontrollers, which are programmed in C++, Python and also Node-RED, are also increasingly being used.   

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88250 Weingarten
Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
Measuring and control technology
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Laboratory manager

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Engelhardt

Dean of Students
Vibration theory and machine dynamics
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt

Laboratory team

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Bauer