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Gender Equality & Diversity

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    Gender Equality

    The University seeks to achieve equality between women and men in all its processes. The legal bases for this are Article 3 of the German Basic Law, Section 4 of the State University Act, and the Equal Opportunities Act.

    The strategy governing the University’s equality policies is based on the Gender Equality Plan, which is embedded in the Structural and Development Plan and, in its current version, sets out the following objectives for the years 2017 to 2022:

    • Increasing the proportion of women in senior scientific positions
    • Career and personnel development for young women scientists
    • Recruitment of students to subjects in which they are underrepresented
    • Gender balance in the non-scientific field
    • Establishment of a family-friendly university
    • Implementation of gender mainstreaming


    For us at RWU, diversity means that we see the great diversity of students as an opportunity for a vibrant and rich university culture and at the same time as a duty to achieve equal opportunities and to protect against discrimination. Irrespective of nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disabilities and current living conditions, all students should feel welcome and participate in university life.

    For this to succeed, we wish to strengthen what unites us and promote openness, empathy and respect.

    Responsibilities and Committees

    Gender equality is embedded in the structure of RWU as a staff unit located within the Rectorate. The Equal Opportunities Officer for academic staff and students (EOO) works together with all bodies, institutions and members of the university in order to achieve genuine equality of women and men and to redress existing disadvantage for female students and women working in academia.

    With regard to the non-scientific staff, the Equal Opportunities Officer for non-academic staff works towards equality between women and men.

    The Equal Opportunities Commission is an advisory senate committee supporting the university in questions of equal opportunities and diversity. It is composed of


    download Gleichstellungsplan 2017-2022
    download Gleichstellungsplan 2017 - 2022
    Gleichstellungsplan 2017 - 2022
    pdf (152 kB)
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2018
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2018
    Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2018
    pdf (292 kB)
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2019
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2019
    Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2019
    pdf (256 kB)
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2020
    download Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2020
    Jahresbericht Gleichstellung 2020
    pdf (2 MB)
    Support Programs

    The declared objective of politics, and also the goal of our university as embedded in the Gender Equality Plan, is to significantly increase the number of female professors. 

    Women interested in a professorship at a university of applied sciences will find information, tips and offers 

    • in the bukof brochure (“On the Way to a Professorship at a University of Applied Sciences“, published in 2018 by the Federal Conference of Women’s Representatives and Equal Opportunities Officers, available in German only)
    • on the website of LaKof BW (State Conference of Equal Opportunity Officers at Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg and at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, available in German only).

    On the way to a professorship

    Auf dem Weg zur Professur (HAW/DHBW) is an information and qualification program offered by LaKof BW, which includes information evenings, seminars, doctoral circles and workshops on key qualifications.

    The meetings take place at various locations in Baden-Württemberg. You will automatically receive invitations including registration details when you register in the database "Datenbank Professorin (HAW/DHBW)", see below.

    Datenbank Professorin

    The Datenbank Professorin (HAW/DHBW) is a supra-regional information and contact exchange where female university graduates can search for professorship positions and teaching assignments or receive calls for applications by email. Female experts and mentors can also be found via the database.

    Mathilde Planck Teaching Assignment Program

    The Mathilde Planck teaching assignment program promotes the award of teaching assignments to women. If certain requirements are met, funding to cover the fees for female lecturers can be sought under this program. Further information can be obtained from LaKof.


    The Brigitte Schlieben-Lange-Program - Förderlinie III supports part-time doctoral studies of young female scientists with children. Further information can be obtained from LaKof.

    Contact & People

    Gender Equality (academic staff & students)

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schreier-Alt

    Studiendekan Fahrzeugtechnik PLUS Lehramt (Bachelor), Gleichstellungsbeauftragter der RWU
    Maschinenbau, Kunststofftechnik
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schreier-Alt

    Christine Lauer

    Referentin für Staff Mobility und Gleichstellung
    Christine Lauer

    Gender Equality (non-academic staff)

    Melanie Arsene

    Verwaltungsangestellte im Technischen Betriebsbüro, Beauftragte für Chancengleichheit und Ersthelferin
    Zentrale Beschaffungsstelle, Anlagenbuchhaltung, Schlüsselverwaltung & Rechnungsstellung


    Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mauser

    Prorektor für Studium, Lehre und Qualitätsmanagement
    Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mauser