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GROW is a project to promote the start-up culture at the RWU. GROW means: Go youR Own Way - it takes creativity and courage to break new ground and try out your own ideas.  And we support you in doing so!



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GROW - Go youR Own Way

From the first impulse to the concept and its implementation - at various levels we provide input, support, training, act as sparring partners or mediators.

We have irregular meetings, Regulars Tables, where start-ups, interested students and our staff meet, discuss and have fun. Keep updated on the calendar of RWU or send your mailadress to join the group.

Contact & People

General contact details

Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
University of Applied Sciences
P.O. Box 30 22
88216 Weingarten

Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Peter Philippi-Beck

International business administration, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & acquisitions