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Employee Development

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Employee Development

Our employee development programs provide continuing education that is tailored to the positions and individual needs of all university staff members. These opportunities are designed for employees in all departments as well as full-time university lecturers.

In-house continuing education

Our in-house continuing education programs impart skills that are important for working at RWU. We value straightforward, tailor-made courses that can be applied directly to the workplace:

  • Methods, interpersonal and communication skills: In addition to individualized training solutions, we also offer standard in-house courses on an ongoing basis. For more information on upcoming events, please contact the Employee and Organizational Development team. You can register for in-house events here.
  • As part of a human resources development collaboration, the universities of Albstadt-Sigmaringen, Biberach, Ravensburg-Weingarten, and Ulm offer joint training courses every semester, for example on the topics of project management, communication, and self-organizing teams.
  • Are you a member of the teaching staff at RWU? Then the diverse range of continuing education programs and support offered by our University Didactics department is meant for you!

  • Intercultural competency: The programs offered by the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC) are open to all university employees. Whether intercultural seminars, traditional language courses, or individual language coaching for professors: Let CLIC help you find the offering that best suits you and your goals!
  • English courses: Due to the importance of English as the language of science and RWU's increasingly international orientation, we allow our employees to take English courses during their normal working hours. Pleas contact CLIC For more information about the courses and help in assessing your current language level.

External Continuing Education

Whether you are interested in software tutorials, university didactics, or seminars designed especially for specialists and managers in the academic sector - a wide range of external courses are available for you to choose from.

Topics include:

  • Württemberg VWA : Wide-ranging programs for administrative staff at Baden-Württemberg universities
  • Baden-Württemberg University Service Center : User training specifically for office communication software (word processing, spreadsheets, email systems, etc.) and reference and information system (HIS) processes.
  • GHD: University didactic training, consulting, and networking opportunities for teachers at universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg
  • Center for Academic Management e.V.: Seminars, workshops, and consulting for specialists and executives working in an academic environment. The management skills and tools taught are geared to the specifics of the academic system. Target groups include chancellors and deans, but those beginning their academic careers will also find the content pertinent to their work.
  • Centre for Higher Education: The CHE offers the "University Course - Continuing Education for Academic Management", a nationwide, multi-institutional management training program specifically for universities. The goal of this program is to help leaders at universities and academic institutions excel in their roles.
  • The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers: Practical seminars that address the everyday administrative issues and challenges faced by academics and experts.


RWU's international outlook is also reflected in the continuing education programs offered to its employees: Both academic and non-academic employees can take advantage of the RWU's staff mobility programs to pursue continuing education opportunities at a university or company in any of the countries participating in ERASMUS.

RWU can help you arrange the trip, for example by finding a partner university. Certain deadlines and requirements apply for participation in the programs. Click here to learn more about ERASMUS+ as well as the staff mobility programs.


Managers are multipliers, top performers, and key contributors to the success of our university. Current developments such as the shortage of skilled workers, digitalization, and increasing internationalization confront managers with the challenge of driving necessary changes and communicating those changes to their employees. A shared understanding of leadership and a mastery of management tools and methods are essential to succeed as a leader in this dynamic environment.

Our "FührungPlus" (Leadership Plus) program breaks down essential managerial know-how into interactive modules. Participants work on their leadership role, learn various practical methods for for shaping change processes, and are given the necessary tools to remain mentally fit and effective.

In addition, the participants receive personal coaching and the opportunity to look over the shoulders of other executives during an external job shadowing and thus become acquainted with different leadership styles and organizational cultures. Special guests also provide additional perspectives by sharing their own leadership experiences.

After completing the core program, managers can continue to develop their leadership skills and explore current topics in additional advanced modules which take place every year.

Job Shadowing

The "Change of Scenery" job shadowing program was created under the auspices of the chancellors at the Baden-Württemberg Universities of Applied Sciences Association (HAW BW e.V.) in 2017. The program allows employees at universities of applied sciences to temporarily work at a different university in Baden-Württemberg.

Participants are able to see how similar tasks and challenges are handled at other institutions. In addition to gaining new perspectives and learning new approaches, employees also have the opportunity to expand their professional network.

The job shadowing program is open to all employees at universities of applied sciences. From administration to facility management to the academic departments, anyone can participate. For more information about the program and the opportunities for job shadowing, please contact Employee Development or visit

Organizational Development

Organizational Development fosters the performance and capacity for learning at our university as well as assuring the quality of the working lives of our employees, whether they be teachers or in any other role. This mandate also extends to the purposeful design of workflows and institutional culture.


A welcome event is held once per semester to give all new staff and faculty members the best possible start at RWU. The newest members of the RWU team learn about the structure of the organization, meet important contacts, and have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from university leadership. Even the chancellor and the rector take the time to personally welcome all of the newcomers. In addition to providing useful information about the university, the event also provides a chance to network with new colleagues. It's a good opportunity for all new employees, and a cornerstone of RWU's cooperative workplace culture.

Lean Coffee

There are unsolved issues and room for improvement in every organization, and RWU is no exception. We introduced the "Lean Coffee" dialogue format so that all of our staff and faculty members can easily and effectively discuss ideas, work on problems, and suggest improvements together with their colleagues. "Lean Coffee" is a meeting during which we have a structured discussion over a cup of coffee in accordance with the lean method of "Kanban" - direct, short, and compact. Everyone shares whatever is currently on their mind, and we start the meeting by deciding together on the topics to be discussed. When a concrete action plan is agreed upon, we report on its progress at the next meeting. We usually meet on the last Thursday of every month.


The support provided by the administrative staff has a major impact on the overall success of an academic institution. In order for a modern university administration to be able to handle the increasingly complex tasks inherent to academic operations, it is useful and in fact necessary to have a quality management system that continuously improves work processes and consistently aligns them with the requirements of both internal and external stakeholders. We take this challenge seriously at RWU. The members of the Quality Circle help to support qualitative improvements in all administrative areas of our university and they welcome suggestions for optimizing administrative processes from their colleagues.

Team Development

We offer workshops and other team development programs for departments and teams that are looking for support in analyzing and improving their work processes or team communication. We involve the participants in the development of these programs and adapt the activities to the individual needs of each team. We continue to offer support afterwards as well, for example helping to implement the changes agreed upon during a workshop.