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Student Life

Bodensee und Berge
Felix Kästle

Weingarten and The Region

Weingarten is a town in Upper Swabia- one of the most attractive vacation destinations in Germany, located between the Alps, Lake Constance, and the Swabian Alb. In addition to the RWU, this university town is also home to the University of Education Weingarten. The RWU boasts an extensive and well-groomed campus located on the outskirts of the city. Conjoined with Weingarten to the south is the neighboring town of Ravensburg, a sterling example of medieval history that became world-famous in the 20th century thanks to the global success of the renowned game and toy company, Ravensburger. 70,000 inhabitants live in the twin cities.

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in Upper Swabia. High-tech companies in the region serve customers from Asia to America, while festivals are still celebrated that reflect centuries of local history. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists flock to Weingarten every year for "Blutfreitag" which is celebrated the day after Ascension Day. These visitors come to watch the "Blutritt," an impressive procession in which 3,000 riders make their way through the meadows and fields on horseback. They carry with them the Relic of the Holy Blood, said to contain the blood of Christ himself, an endowment from the Royal House of Welf dating back to the year 1094. The biggest festival in Ravensburg is "Rutenfest" which has been celebrated in July for the last 400 years.

Studentisches Leben - Freizeit
Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten

Nightlife, Culture, and Recreation

There's definitely a lot for students to do in Weingarten and the surrounding area. The recreation and culture on offer is rich and varied- there's something for everyone. Weingarten's tourism portal offers a good overview.

Particularly noteworthy are the two student bars, Hoki and Alibi, where special events and themed parties take place on a regular basis in addition to the normal hustle and bustle of a popular pub.

Furthermore, student parties (XXL-Party / Mensa-Party) are also scheduled every year. The dates can be found under News & Media.

Studierende im Foyer.

University Life

Meeting point "Mensa": The dining hall ("Mensa" in German) on Doggenriedstraße is run by Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee. Due to its central location it is easily accessible for students from the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences as well as the University of Education Weingarten.

The cafeteria team offers a wide range of services. In addition to coffee specialty drinks and snacks, various meals are offered at lunchtime and diners can buy their lunch à la carte at the KombinierBar.

In the run-up to exams the dining hall is also used as a study hall.

The coffee bar in the university's main building (Building H) is also run by Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee. Here you will find various coffee specialty drinks and cold drinks as well as snacks.

Meeting point Library: The library's mission statement is to disseminate information by bringing books and readers together. It supports students from the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences and the University of Education Weingarten as well as patrons from across the region in all things related to research, teaching, and studying.
Further information on opening hours, library catalog, lending conditions, etc. can be found here.


Bewegte Pause


Athletics on Campus

The sports and activities on offer are organized by the neighboring University of Education Weingarten. 

The University of Education Weingarten's sports facilities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, and stadiums, and are located behind the RWU's main building (Gebäude H), in an area called the "Töbele". These facilities are open Monday - Thursday, from 18:00 to 22:30.

Courses and programs offered include aerobics, soccer, karate, swimming, volleyball, and much, much more. The classes are led by students and approximately 40% of the student body on both university campuses take advantage of these free classes and activities.

All information and current schedule changes can be found on the University of Education Weingarten Sport website. Classes, sports, and activities start about two weeks after the beginning of lectures at RWU because the University of Education Weingarten starts their semester a bit later than RWU does.


Sports Clubs 

Ravensburg Sports Clubs

Weingarten Clubs



Ravensburg Indoor Pool, Lake Flappach 

Weingarten Indoor Pool, Nessenreben Outdoor Pool


Ice Skating Rink

Ravensburg Ice Skating Rink



Flowtrail Weingarten


Last Call for Culture

Music and Theater

Go to a Concert or the Theater for 3€: Last Call for Culture!

Students who walk up to the box office of any event put on by the cities of Ravensburg and Weingarten and say "Last Call for Culture" while showing their student ID can receive any leftover tickets for only 3€

You can find the participating events here:

Ravensburg Cultural Events

Weingarten Cultural Events


Event Centers in the Region

Hoftheater Baienfurt

Kapuziner Kreativzentrum Ravensburg

Neuer Ravensburger Kunstverein

Zehntscheuer Ravensburg