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Placement tests & Proof of Language Proficiency

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Assessment of English Language Skills

If you need an assessment of your English language skills to apply for a study semester abroad, an internship abroad or for an application for an RWU Master's degree, you are requested to take the Oxford Placement Test evaluating the three language skills reading, writing, and listening. This practice ensures justifiable and standardized placement test results. In order to take the test, please register for a test date on My Campus (LSF), course 4849 Assessment of English Language Skills - English Placement Tests at least two days before the test. Please note that in August and September no test dates are offered. More information about the test format can be found here.

The assessment's second part consists of a 10 to 15 minute conversation in English in order to evaluate the fourth language skill, speaking. The conversation takes place upon collection of your test results. To do so, please go and see Mrs Müller in room C 025 during office hours (currently Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9 am - 12 pm).

Your test results are valid for 2 years. You may repeat the test after 12 months.

You need some extra practice before taking the OPT? Then please have a look at Tips & Tricks, 'Where do I find practice material online?'.

NB: Taking the test free-of-charge is possible only for the reasons mentioned above (study semester abroad, internship abroad, application for RWU Master's degree), otherwise costs will incur.

Assessments other languages

If you need an assessment for any other language offered by CLIC, you also have to take a placement test. Grammar and vocabulary is tested online, speaking and listeninig is evaluated by the respective language lecturer.

To arrange a date for your placement test, please contact CLIC.

Online Placement Tests

You might be unsure about your current language level in a specific language. If so, you can take a free online placement test at The 15 minute long tests will help you to better estimate and evaluate your skills level, thus being able to choose the proper CLIC course. Some language publishers also offer online placement tests free of charge for several languages.