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Applied Health Science

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At a glance

At a glance

Regular period
3 Semester
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Apply till 01/15
Successfully completed studies in social work, nursing pedagogics or other university degrees in the field of social and health services

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Creating knowledge for better health ... For research and practice

The health sciences are facing a challenging departure due to the Corona pandemic, worldwide as well as in Germany. As we know today, it is important to ensure modern and high-quality health protection against dangers such as COVID-19 without neglecting the many other determinants of health, for example in the psychosocial area.

As an application-oriented study programme, we closely follow the ten "Essential Public Health Operations" (EPHOs) of the WHO, which also serve as the basis for the current future strategy for public health in Germany.



As a Master's programme, we focus on EPHO 1 "Surveillance" and EPHO 4 "Health Promotion". However, we also offer our graduates the necessary knowledge to enable the necessary cooperation and integration in the practical field at the interfaces, e.g. with health protection (EPHO 3) or care planning (EPHO 5). Special emphasis is placed on the implementation of the ten EPHOs in the largest field of public health in Germany. This is the municipality, i.e. the level of independent cities and districts, with its almost 400 public health units throughout Germany.

The pandemic has exposed long-standing weaknesses in public health practice, especially in the public health service (ÖGD). These have now also been addressed by politicians. Of particular importance in this context is the Pact for the Public Health Service as a resolution of the Conference of Health Ministers in 2020, through which 5000 new positions are to be created in the Public Health Service in the coming years, not only, but also for health scientists (see also the report of the Advisory Council in October 2021).

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What is needed are graduates with a solid background in public health and scientific methodology, but coupled with in-depth practical knowledge of, among other things, the tasks and structures in the public health service. This is precisely the focus of the Master of Applied Health Sciences at RWU. We offer you a broad and application-oriented qualification for various health science fields of work as well as specific competences for the main tasks of the ÖGD in prevention, health promotion, health reporting and coordination, including in-depth practical knowledge.

As an application-oriented health science degree programme, we also see it as our duty to make an active contribution to EPHO 10 "Public Health Research for Policy and Practice". Our focus is on health services research, epidemiology and health reporting, often in active cooperation with other institutions. On this basis, quite a few of our graduates have already been able to enter into further doctoral procedures, i.e. we are also happy to support you on this further path if necessary.


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Applied Health Science
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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marlene Haupt

Marlene Haupt

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Robert Gaissmaier


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marlene Haupt

Marlene Haupt

Prof. Dr. phil. Silvia Queri Diplom-Psychologin

Silvia Queri

Prof. Dr. phil. Annerose Siebert

Prof. Dr. phil. Annerose Siebert

Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Lange M.A.

Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Lange

Prof. Dr. med. MPH Bertram Szagun


Michael Eggart M.A.

Robert Gaissmaier M.A.

Robert Gaissmaier


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Jörg Wendorff

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