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Prospective Students

Studierende Gruppenarbeit
Choosing a Major


    The Central Student Advisory Office is always there for you

    Please contact the Central Student Advisory Office (ZSB) per email at if you'd like to schedule student counseling. You can provide a brief description of what you'd like to talk about in the email, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

    The Central Student Advisory Office will get back to you and offer you an appointment.

    Student counselling takes place via video or telephone call at this time.


    Jan von Allwörden/DAAD

    Prospective Student Issues

    Do you want to start college but don't know exactly what, how, or where?

    Sign up for student counseling with the RWU Central Student Advisory Office.

    Among other issues, prospective students often have questions concerning the following:

    • Finding the most promising degree program with the best fit
    • Identifying the student's strengths, inclinations, and motivations
    • Choosing the right type of higher education
    • General questions about college
    • Selecting the right major and career
    • Weighing different options
    Studierende bei Gruppenarbeit.

    Independent Counseling at the RWU

    The Central Student Advisory Office provides you with independent and unbiased counseling. The meeting is confidential and the goal is to help you plan your future, not steer you in any particular direction.

    Schedule an appointment for student counseling by writing us at

    It's often a good idea to organize your thoughts and questions and to bring some notes with you into the meeting, but you don't have to.

    You can bring your TAN from the student orientation questionnaire at with you if you'd like.




    Student am Lapotp.

    Online Resources

    College programs in Germany:

    All about college:

    Baden-Württemberg's student orientation questionnaire. You can take a test to help determine which major and career might best fit your preferences and personality at:

    There is also an orientation questionnaire for those considering whether to become teachers:

    A two-day decision-making and goal-setting workshop on the topic of college and career orientation is held for students at general and vocational high schools:

    Program-Specific Academic Counseling
    Studierende bei Gruppenarbeit.

    Advice from Someone with Firsthand Experience

    Do you already know what you want to study, but still have some major-specific questions? Then our faculty academic counselors are the people you want to talk to. Each degree program has its own student advisor who can help answer your questions about that major. Often these are the faculties' deans of students; they have the best overview of their program. You can find the contact details for the respective degree programs under "CONTACT & PEOPLE".

    Campus im Herbst.

    Counseling for Individuals with Vocational Qualifications

    Those with a vocational qualification (as opposed to a high school diploma or other comparable college entrance qualification) need to meet with an academic counselor before they can apply. Be sure to take the application deadline into account when scheduling an appointment with a faculty academic advisor. You can find the contact information for the respective departments under "CONTACT & PEOPLE".





    Studierende im B-Gebäude.


    You can find general information about applying to RWU on the Applications page and program-specific information for the various degree programs under the "Bewerbungsinfos" tab.

    Contact the Admissions Office in Student Services if you have any questions or need further assistance.



    You applied, received an acceptance letter, and confirmed that you intend to study at RWU. Now you are ready for enrollment, also known as registration or matriculation. You can enroll online at RWU Student Application Portal.

    To complete the enrollment you will need to complete the following by the respective deadlines:

    • submit all documents required during the online matriculation
    • pay the tuition, student ID fee, and possibly an additional study fee if pursuing a second degree or if the student is from a non-EU country

    The  Admissions Office can answer any questions you might have.

    Student ID 

    You will be enrolled as soon as you have submitted all of your documents and paid all the fees on time.

    You will get your student ID on the first day of orientation week. You can find the exact date on the academic calendar.

    Certificate of Matriculation

    You will receive proof of enrollment in the mail. You can also download a certificate of matriculation at any time from MyCampus (LSF).

    Accessing MyCampus (LSF)

    After enrolling you will receive log-in credentials for MyCampus (LSF). Here you can access lots of important student information such as your class schedule, grades, and the certificate of matriculation. 

    You will be introduced to MyCampus during orientation week. 


    Health Insurance

    You need proof of health insurance to enroll at a university in Germany.

    You will receive two certificates ("Versicherungsbescheinigung" and "Meldebescheinigung") from your health insurance provider, which you then need to present to the matriculation office in order to enroll. If you receive these documents from your insurance company after the submission deadline, please hand them in as soon as possible.

    Those with private health insurance from a German insurer need a certificate of exemption from the national health insurance system. This can be issued by any of the national health insurance companies.

    Family Insurance Plans

    You can be co-insured under a parent's or spouse's national health insurance policy until your 26th birthday. This means that you do not have to pay an additional monthly premium for your health insurance.

    Student Health Insurance

    If family insurance is not an option for you, you can obtain student health insurance (a national health insurance policy at steeply discounted rates) up to the age of 30.

    Student health insurance is no longer possible after the age of 30. You can still sign up for a policy through the national health insurance system or on the private market, but at higher rates.

    Breaks During College

    If you need to suspend your student status for one or more semesters, e.g. for an internship, your insurance status may also change, which could have an impact on your health insurance premiums. Please contact your health insurance provider directly in advance for more information.

    After Deregistration

    Your insurance coverage will usually change once you are no longer a student. The university will automatically inform your national health insurance company in the event of deregistration. If you have private health insurance, you are responsible for doing this yourself.

    It is possible that you will have to pay higher premiums for your health insurance after deregistration or that you will no longer be covered under family insurance. You should therefore contact your health insurance company in advance for more detailed information.

    Please address all further insurance questions directly to your health insurance provider.

    Contact & People

    General contact details

    Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    University of Applied Sciences
    P.O. Box 30 22
    88216 Weingarten

    Central Student Advisory Office

    The best way to schedule an appointment is by writing to

    Isabel Heigle M.A.

    Isabel Heigle

    Admissions Office

    The place to ask all questions related to applications and enrollment.

    Fabienne Damasch

    Admission Office English-speaking Bachelor's and Master's programs
    Fabienne Damasch

    Sandra Gmeinder

    Sandra Gmeinder

    Emine Kalin

    Emine Kalin

    Lucia Mengis

    Lucia Mengis

    Marina Schneider

    Marina Schneider