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Corona - What's up

Studis for Weingarten organize help network

Um Menschen zu unterstützen, die einer Risikogruppe angehören oder in Quarantä

RWU does not stand still even in these extraordinary days and weeks. In many places new solutions are being worked on with commitment and creativity. With the series "Corona - What's up", we want to focus not only on what is currently not possible, but especially on what's up.

The Studis für Weingarten have already made a certain reputation for getting things done. Whether it's the "Festival of Democracy" or the "Art Action" at an election campaign appearance in Weingarten, the Studis für Weingarten take the step from discussion to action. Even if it is then possibly to be discussed again.

Thus, the group around the three Weingarten councillors Roman Muth, Ferdinand Ganter and Michael Müller did not hesitate to act even in the current crisis situation: In order to support people who belong to a risk group or who are in quarantine, the "Coronahilfe" was created. The principle is very simple: people who need help and people who want to help get in touch via the Internet, by telephone, by whatsapp or telegram. The organisers of "Coronahilfe" then bring a couple together.

"Solidarity in our beautiful Weingarten"

"We try as best we can to ensure that only one person or family is assigned to each helper. We want to carry out tasks only for this person. It would be counterproductive if many people came into contact with each other through the action," says Roman Muth, who studies mathematics and music at the PH. The list of possible help includes shopping or driving services.

"We as a society must now stick together and overcome this crisis together and in solidarity, in order to be allowed to feel free and comfortable again in our beautiful Weingarten afterwards", says the Studis für Weingarten website. There is nothing to add to this.

You can read more about Studis für Weingarten in the current university magazine Konzepte on page 56.

News & FAQ about Corona at RWU

Christoph Oldenkotte