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Robot production

Students visit the production of the company Kuka

Die RWU-Delegation in der Haupthalle der Firma Kuka in Augsburg
Die RWU-Delegation in der Haupthalle der Firma Kuka in Augsburg
Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik

Students of the so-called lecture "Industrial Robots" visited together with Professor Dr. Konrad Wöllhaf the production of robots at the company Kuka in Augsburg. In workshop halls they were able to visit the production facilities and find out about the various opportunities for internships and final theses offered by the company.

After an introduction to Kuka's company history the students were able to view the production of the new robots. The group was particularly impressed by the fact that Kuka robots are built by Kuka robots - as if a machine were reproducing itself. Robots, that can lift loads up to over a ton, move the parts between the different machine tools. Under maximum safety precautions, the parts are then fed into the manual work stations. At one station it was possible to see how a robot with special sensory capabilities assembles gear parts.

After the robots have been painted, they are retracted. Like in a kind of gym, they have to whirl weights of different sizes through the air, testing the functionality of the whole system. In addition to the repetitive accuracy of the movements in the order of 0.1 mm, the robots are measured so accurately that they can be easily exchanged for each other.

Professor Dr. Konrad Wöllhaf