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Press release

Start of the winter semester

Semesterstart: Studienanfängerinnen und Studienanfänger sitzen in einem Seminarraum zur Erstsemesterbegrüßung
Die Begrüßung der Studienanfängerinnen und -anfänger kann nach drei Online-Semestern endlich wieder auf dem Campus erfolgen.
Vivian Missel

At the start of the semester, the lecture halls and seminar rooms at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (RWU) are once again filling with life. Taking into account the corona regulations, students can return to campus. Among them are many new faces: 666 people will begin their studies at RWU in the winter semester of 2021/2022.

Back on campus

Weingarten - After a year and a half of online teaching, on-campus teaching will be possible again. "It's great to see you all here in presence," Professor Dr. Thomas Spägele welcomed the new students during the orientation week. "After far too long, we can return to what everyone has been missing, studying face-to-face," said the RWU rector.

During the first week of the semester, the new students received an introduction to university life. Important questions about the organization of studies were clarified, and the current 3G regulations on campus and in the buildings were explained. The newcomers were also made aware of the many opportunities for involvement and participation.

Professor Dr. Jörg Wendorff pointed out the colorful community life at the university. In addition to courses, there are great initiatives, said the dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Health and Care. "Try to pick up something on the side. You'll benefit from it. After all, the next three and a half years should be a great time."

Full capacity for bachelor's degree programs

In the winter semester of 2021/2022, 19 bachelor's and twelve master's degree programs will start at RWU. A total of 4039 applications were received for these. Most enrollments in the bachelor's degree programs were recorded in Business Administration and Management, Social Work, and Applied Computer Science. Among the Master's programs, the Mechatronics program had the highest number of enrollments; together with the Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems program, this program also attracted the most international applicants. A total of 3830 students are currently enrolled at RWU.

Text: Vivian Missel

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