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Small but fine

Die Hochschulinitiative kreaktiv erhält den Junior Enterprise PE Preis 2022 und wurde damit als beste studentische Unternehmensberatung im Jahr 2022 ausgezeichnet

The student consultancy of Ravensburg-Weingarten University kreaktiv e.V. was awarded the Junior Enterprise Award of the year 2022 by the Bundesverband Deutscher Studentischer Unternehmensberatungen e.V. (BDSU). As one of the smallest student business consultancies, kreaktiv was able to convince the BDSU jury with its successful rebranding and the acquisition of new project partners and sponsors. "All the work, time and heart and soul put into the association over the past month has paid off," says Gülistan Sahin, spokesperson for kreaktiv.

Last year, kreaktiv reformed itself and revised the internal structures of the association. The recruiting, admission and training process was further developed by the students, and internal team-building events were introduced. The transformation also made itself felt externally: kreaktiv underwent a successful rebranding and increased its presence in the media and on the university campus. In this way, kreaktiv was able to attract new partners and look back on a successful year in the annual audit. "We are proud to call ourselves Junior Enterprise of the Year 2022," says Gülistan Sahin.


Kreaktiv/ Vivian Missel