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Corona - What's up

Fiddling about for a good cause

Corona Was geht - HOME produziert Schutzschilde

RWU does not stand still even in these extraordinary days and weeks. In many places new solutions are being worked on with commitment and creativity. With the series "Corona - What's up", we want to focus not only on what is currently not possible, but especially on what's up.

The team from the House of Makers and Engineers (HOME) at the RWU has decided to put its skills at the service of the general public in the current crisis situation. And this in the form of face shields for particularly vulnerable environments. These shields are a more effective protection against spitting than the usual masks and also do not hinder breathing as much.

After the initially enquired agencies did not report any need, since the supply was covered e.g. in the hospitals, the students expanded their radius. Currently, HOME is in contact with local and regional nursing homes as well as outpatient care services, which have announced urgent needs.

The protective equipment consists of a holder that is produced in HOME's 3D printers. In addition, there is a disc which is given its final shape on the laser cutter in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. "The material for this was spontaneously and generously sponsored by Plastico Kunststoffe in Baindt," report Michael Schichta and Aaron Ritter from HOME. "Our first delivery now comprises 50 masks."

News & FAQ about Corona at RWU

Christoph Oldenkotte / Professor Dr. Markus Pfeil