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The 2021 Issue of Konzepte Magazine Is Finally Out!

Neues Konzepte-Magazin

Masks, infection rates, and vaccine rollouts - phrases that few were using at the beginning of 2020 now cross our lips on a daily basis - and leave us with mixed emotions. We face those feelings with confidence, success, and courage. The current issue of RWU's university magazine features proof of what is possible, even in the face of extraordinary circumstances.

Students, professors, employees, and others involved with the university paint a colorful picture through stories and conversations. Those stories and conversations portray a university that works, educates, and researches in many different fields and that is continuously evolving to address contemporary issues. To quote from the interview with Science Minister Theresia Bauer: "Universities must prepare young people for a world that is rapidly changing. They must become pioneers of constant change."

The magazine is free and will be mailed directly to students this year. For employees, the magazine is available in the main building. It can also be downloaded as a PDF on our homepage: Konzepte 2021. Those outside the university who are interested in obtaining Konzepte can also have it sent to them. Copies can be ordered by sending an e-mail to